December 24th, 2003

First Timmer

Hiya! I stumbled upon this community accidentally through another users info page. I'm a 15 year old boy living in NJ and I've always been interested in 'lockes but never seriously thought about getting them. After viewing this community along with the fact that I'm finally ready for some sort of change/commitment in my life I've seriously began to think about getting 'locks. Any sort of tips or words of encouragement you may have will be greatly appreciated. Also if you could answer some of my questions that would be great, for example how long does it take to get long dreads or does it depend upon the person?
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Plead the FIF!

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I just got over a bad cold. My mother was so sure I got her sick with my hair.

Mom: Who knows what kind of germs you pick up with that hair!

We go to the ER because we thought it might be the flu. The doctor says, "Your daughter has a cold but you have a flu. And most likely you gave it to your daughter. Mom goes, "But what about her hair?" Doctor says, "It's very nice, my wife has dreadlocks."

I love justice. *coughsneeze*
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for some reason i was thinking we should organize some local get togethers for members of this community. (well when i say we, i mean you. as far as i can tell there are only two members in my area, me and my friend. but yeah anywho) everone should do that cuz it would rock. lj dread fest. just and idea.....
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?au natural or chemical?

alright, i pretty much decided to go ahead with it once my hair grows out more (since they are going to be shorter than my original length). i want them to look like this (mr. acey and mr. wednesday of the murderdolls):
murderdolls! weee!!!!
what's my best method to go for if i want dreads like this?
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1 day old. no wax or anything, just backcombing and rolling. i love them so far. they still have a long way to go, but for 1 day, i like them.

now off to eat xmas eve dinner! happy holidays, everyone!
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Hi there !! *waves*

I've been reading this journal for a while now, and I decided to join.
I'm from Belgium so please tell me if my english is crappy (which is always :) )
I'm 16 (almost 17 though) and I've been a proud dreadhead for about a year and 2 months now :) I must say, that there were a lot of days when I thought of cutting my hair because my dreads looks really awfull, but thankfully there were a lot of good days too so I can still call myself a dreadhead now :D

Today isn't one of my good days though, I washed my dreads yesterday and every time I do that, they seem to tangle at the roots (which really hurts 'cus I need to pull them apart :S) My mom isn't quite fond of them either (but I don't care ;) )

So, I guess that this was my introduction post thingy, if you got any questions, ask away, and I'll probably post piccies of my dreads pretty soon :)

Bubye *waves* :)
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show me some love. :):):):)

title or description
just a little mistletoe for all of you lovely fellow dread heads. ;)

happy whatever it is you celebrate :)

and heres a picture of me ( you cant see the dreads so much in the picture but i did give myself bangs since the last time i posted a picture)
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