December 26th, 2003

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ok hers how its work. you leave a comment here saying your state if your states not already commented for. if so then just leavea a comment saying your city if your city isnt alreayd spoken for. if it is then just reply with a little more spacifics. this way we can filter down and see where everyone is from and such. so ill go first....
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so I got very frustrated with my dreads the other day. It was so very silly. I hadn't worked on them in like a week because I haven't been feeling well. They got all soft and started to come undone. I got so mad at them that I was seriously considering taking them out. Then I realized I was being lame. SO I added some wax to the ends and boom! they're better now!

I have some pictures of my dreadies, but none that are too great yet. I need to whip out that digital camera sometime soon and take better ones. If you're interested in looking check out my pictures here:
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