January 3rd, 2004

the modern dance

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so, the day of dreading (which is anything but dreaded)
seems nigh
i am quite the excited little person :)
and i come bearing another question..
hmm..my friend has just left his house now, because i am meant to stay home and get some school work done (i start again on monday) so that maybe i'll be able to fix a date for sunday with lovely Alicia, this canadian girl who comes to my school..who agreed to dread me :)
he was saying about how carpenters have beeswax with no petroleum..i dont know, i was never familiar with hair wax or anything, let alone dread friendly wax.. elp! whatever wax he buys will probably be the be all and end all because thats what will be availiable (no shops open on sundays after 12.00 here, and i am NOT an early bird) but still..tell me about your wax...
*lies you down on the couch*
Don't be afraid
*takes some notes*
Yes, yes, tell me ALL about it...
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i was at a day spa. D-A-I-Y-E.

no, i wasn't. i was actually at trader joe's with my mom. we got to the checkout and the lady at the checkout thing was looking at me, then she said, "so how long have you had your dreads?" heh, it was pretty cool. i told her about six months, and she said "six months? wow, they're coming along good! how'd you do them?" i said i did a whole bunch of stuff to my hair, and she told me about how she and her friend have dreads and her friend used glue and hairspray and wax and a mess of other stuff. it's cool when you just start talking to a person out of the blue about a common hairstyle. i think it's only this way with dreadlocks, though. if two people had mohawks, they wouldn't just start talking about their hair...they'd probably just scowl at each other, or just not talk. i've never seen people talk about their mohawks...haha.
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