January 6th, 2004

meeeeee again.....anxious to do my head

okay i need to find the person who mentioned a style of making dreads that had to do with twisting a section then ripping part of it up to your scalp. i need a run down on that again.
i can't find anythign about that on the web. but i could be using the wrong words. does anyone know what i'm talking about.....?
Who Knew

New Dreadies

I've been lurking around here for a while and I have wanted dreads since I was 13 (I am 20 now). I just wanted to post my pics for your viewing, you know...contribute. They aren't the best pictures in the world because I took them myself, but you can all get the drift!

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tomorrow is the day!!
im very excited
but im a little bit scared too!
ok im terrified hehe
but excited and happy :)
found a friend at the last minute who'se brother had bought a kit from dreadhead off of the net...what sheer LUCK, he's going to gimme the wax and comb and rubber bandies and stuff :)

now i just hope my parents don't FREAK OUT at me..
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ya.. i was backcombing my hair... and te first one i did.. like.. came out.. well not really came out but it is all like loose... really loose.. and i dont know what to do!! cuse my dreads are splitting now.. i dont know what is wrong with them but i love them so much and i need anyone that sees this to help me fast!! i dotn know whats wrong witht them..!

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I put rubber bands in my hair becasue i'm starting water polo soon but i dont know if i should maybe take out the rubber bands cuase i dont like the way they make my dreads look.

alright here are a whole bunch of dread pics cause i had an awsome and beautiful at school and after school so i took a lot of pics.

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happy 1 year to my nappy, messy, wonderful dreads. they've grown about 4 1/2 inches and they look great!
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baby dreads

ok i just got my dreads on saturday and i think tey are looin pretty nice...some are coming a lil loose though, i'm not stressin it too bad but my mom and work are. my bro backcombed them then put tight bands on the tips and loose ones near the roots. i used dread head wax and blowdryed it in but that didnt help too much with the frizzies. what should i do or is this pretty normal. here's a link for pics cause i don't know all this fancy lj stuff...IM me on aim: kamil thinks to help me out so i can be more interesting, also pleas etell me what you think of my dreads so far http://www.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=10357852/t_=8415182
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my hair hurts.

tam rubbing...does that help tighten the dreads? it must, mustn't it? i haven't tried it yet... i'm having the hardest time with all these loose hairs, my dreads in the back keep growing together because of it. and what about aloe vera? what does that do? pros, cons?
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