January 7th, 2004


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Well tonight I went over to my friend Lori's house and we did half of my head in dreads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the first one is name Bebe). We are finishing tomorrow night :)

and one more

I fucking LOVE them!
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So I finally got a webcam.
Which means I can finally show off my locks to all you dreadheads.

My dreads are completely natural: no use of wax, string, rubber bands, or palm rolling. Just patience. The first one appeared in March 2001.

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My dreads celebrate six months on the 9th, so I just put some new elastic bands in, and here's some pictures!

Edit: The first picture was taken last week, before I put the elastic bands back in.

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For those interested - They were originally back-combed + waxed, not that much and I gave up with that after a week or so. All I've done since then is tie some wool around them, and then put some bands in after a few months. I've pretty much left them to do their own thing otherwise.

Enjoy :-)
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these barbies are mine and my friend ashleys. i made the one with the dreads and gave it to her then she made the other one. they are lovers so excuse the fact that they are making out ;). but i thought this applies since beefstick (thats her name) has dreads. shes had them for a few months now. my friend gave them to her a while ago. so yeah. enjoy. :)

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No Justice In Forensics Class

Tonight while I was in Forensics class I noticed a girl sitting ahead of me a few rows with the most lovely dreadlocks I've ever seen. Bleached blonde, they looked like soft cotton ropes woven of golden fleece. Clean, bright, no loose hairs. They were just awesome. I was at the perfect admiring viewpoint.

The two girls who sat in front of me also noticed and commented on them.
"I hate them"
They smarmed and giggled maliciously until one of them just happened to glace over her shoulder and see me and my baby dreads. Then they both promptly shut up.

It pains me to think that in a place of higher learning there are people who make value judgements and don't respect diversity. And then of course there's the old moral "If you don't have something nice to say, then shut the fuck up".

At least I think that's how it goes.
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So I just got back from vacation and I went swimming in the ocean which my dreads loved tremendously!!! I think in the over 3 years I've had them...it was their first time in the ocean....

So I figured I'd share some pics...

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Alright first off i would like to say that there is some negative vibes coming from some people in this community.  Community? eh in a Community we do not disrespect one another.  I was told in some rude negative connontation that i should not post a picture on this site that is not dreads.  Although before the picture i wrote apologizing for having something not dreadyness.  I have some amigo's in this community that asked me to put it up and obviously i have some people who are not entirely fans of me or my art.  I am so sorry for "ruining" your community and if anyone would like to fore say "boot me out"  than i shall leave.  But if people want me, my dreads, and my pics around i shall stay as we are a Community=Family at least thats what i believed it to be.  Here may very well be my last two pictures.....

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