January 8th, 2004

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hey, new member
just wanted to say hey
im a dready by chance, i had 8 dreads form after not brushing my hair for 8 months, i like em, they have a mind of their own, they just grow together, or by themselves
their awsome
peace and love
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I would like to let everyone know that it wasnt that chick that commented on my post. She's a cool girl. Anyway it was someone that took time to I M me teling me to get the fuck out of the community. And anyway i had a really shitty day sorry for taking it out on the community post.
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Just joined...very glad I found a community for dreads...

I would rather get tips and tricks from people that have dreads not websites that sell you their products! Although dreadheadhq and knottyboy were very helpful, I'm sure there are ways to help my dreads lock without using either of their "accelerators"

Anyways, we're about to celebrate 2 months and things are coming along fine

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the first time i attempted dread locks, my hair was about 4 inches long. as you can probably imagine, it didnt work out very well, but i do remember one thing. SEA SALT. has anyone ever used it? my friend found some in Sally's Beauty Supply one day and sprayed it all over my dreading head. My hair dried and knotted up in minutes. It was nuts. But after they started failing, i decided to brush them out and let my hair grow nice and long before i attempt it again. but the real question here is...

has anyone ever heard of/used sea salt on their dreads?
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i took pictures today because i finally got my wax and beads... i know a lot of you don't approve of using wax, and prefer to do it au natural, but i wanted to. and i love how much it helped. i only did it in the top layer because i have a short attention span, but i'll do the rest later.
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Hello! I am a new Mister in this community. tralali. I am not really very good in English but I do not believe that it would be really intensely important after all haha. Then here are some photographs of my monsieurs dreads! My dreads are approximately 6 months old and I do not know if they are relatively pretty for their age, that think about it?  It's that. talam (: (:

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dread dance

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a friend of mine just got a few new piercings and had extra baggies of sea salts. i dont really use anything on my dreads and i dont know how to go about it?
does it just tighten them? how do you mix it up?
i guess ill just give it a shot.
:shrug: maybe out of boredom more than anything.

thats it.

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i shall call him squishy. and he shall be mine. and he shall be my squishy.

i went to a financial aid meeting tonight...prepping for college bleh...and i saw my old girlscout leader there. afterwards she came up to me: "oh! you still have that hairstyle?" (keep in mind it's only been four months)
me: "yeah..."
her: "i didn't think you'd still have your wigger braids in"

i just walked away. in front of all those people was not the place to punch her in the face. 1, for showing her prejudice, 2, for having such a closed mind and the nerve to say something like that to another human being whom you're supposed to be friends with, and 3, cause i don't like punching people in the face...it's just another reminder that staying in this closed-minded town for the rest of my life is NOT an option.
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