January 10th, 2004

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dear dreadheads,

i heard that you can buy sea salt at your local grocery store.....i used sea salt in my hair before but i bought from dreadheadhq.com...i was wondering if anyone knows what then name of Sea Salt is in the store?...is it just called Sea Salt?....what should i exactly be looking for in name wise.....and i take it , that it will be in the Spices isle....? Ok who bought sea salt from the store before?....let me in on all the info..Thanks.
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a slew of dread Qs

Hey all.

I just did my dreads on Tuesday/Wednesday and they are KICKASS. So many people have said to me that they fit my personality so well (including my mom!), which I take as such a compliment since dreads are so cool. :)

Anyway, I have a few questions, and I know that most/all of these have been asked before, but I would like to have just one concise entry that I can add to my memories and refer back to.

#1- wax. I am using wax on my dreads (I use the dreadhead stuff). How often do you guys recommend waxing? (obviously this question is only for those of you who either currently wax them or used to) I'm thinking I probably won't keep waxing forever, but I'd like to probably for a couple months.

#2- "locking accelorator" (ie- salt water). Again, how often does everyone use it? And when do you use it? Like, I remember someone saying they use it after washing their hair. So far, I have used it shortly before I wax. I wait for it to dry and then wax.

#3- rubberbands. Right now, I have a rubberband on the bottom of each dread. I also have TONS of loose hairs (that's the way my hair has always been). Would you guys recommend using more rubberbands? Where on the dreads do you place them?

#4- washing. I already have special dread shampoo. But I am just curious- how long did everyone wait after they first put the dreads in before washing it? And do you think washing loosens or tightens your dreads?

Thanks so much for everyone to all the advice. If the mod wants, you can put this entry into the memories so people can easily access answers to a lot of the questions that get asked frequently.

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Help needed!!!

i hope someone can help me/understand what im going on about [and understand my shitty diagram].......
well ive had my dreads about 2 years and ive pretty much done them myself but what i really need is someone to "look down on them" to assess what needs doing and hopefully a friend is going to do it soon,,,

like number 1 i have a few of these, like the black dots are where the dreads are and '1' is where 2 dreads from quite different places of the head are joined so it really should be 2 dreads......
so with the blue one, i did this with one of those joined ones yesterday, i cut it to make two dreads so '2' is now a short little dread and the top of '3' has gone thinner......
i just dont want my dreads to totally mess up just cos theyre not separated properly on the scalp :(
with my crappy little dreads i have i was thinking maybe to attach some fake dreads to them until they grow longer ? but i dont have any fake dreads and dont know how to put them in!!
my hairs really stressing me i really want them to be better. i live in the south of england,,anyone know where i could get some good dread maintenance done where im not going to get charged a fortune?!

this'll be like family game night...

so i thought it would be fun to make a list of the top [however many we come up with] conveniences of being/reasons to be a dread head. then maybe the mods could put it in the community info or something. i'd be interested in reading what everyone has to say ;P
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workin out

Mail Journal (crossposted)

Does anyone want to participate in a traveling journal? (a la 1000journals.com)
I'm hoping to start one myself so I can keep the journal, instead of having to send it away to someone else, like other ones.
How many people would be interested in doing this?
You would have to pay for postage to the next person, but the book won't be too heavy so it shouldn't be very much.
If you want to do this, just reply with your email, and then I'll send out a group email when I get a bunch of people interested.

(note: as of 11.30 pm tonight there are about 3 spots left, after those three are filled (i will say on my personal journal) I will close admission to the traveling journal list until further notice.)