January 11th, 2004

workin out


All spots for the journal have been filled.
I'm going to send out announcements and information about this shortly.
If anyone still wants to do a journal swap, you can give me your email and I might start another one, depending on if I can get atleast 15 names.

Gotta love her

My daughter has decided she wants dreads like mine.
But more specifically, she wants a whole head of them. Not like mine with the full mowhawk.
Not to mention all the piercings she wants.

She's only FIVE! But she knows she has to wait. At least until she hits her teens. We'll see if she still wants everything then.

But hey, she's got taste.
Definitely my kid.

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my friend had this in her journal... i don't know who it is, i think it's just some guy she met at meijer. but i thought these were quite possibly the most beautiful dreads ever.


tlc on wed!

i was watching trading spaces with my womyn last nite...and guess what i saw a comercial for?

TLC apparently has some dating show where they take single people and teach them how to find dates? im not really clear on hte premise, but its a makeover for personality as well as looks i believe??

in any event, on wed. at 10pm (WRITE IT DOWN NOW) there is going to be this reallyreallyreally hot womyn with DREADS and piercings all over who is doing it.

mmm, she looks delic and im excited, and im not sure if theyre going to cut off her dreads (ohhh, i hope not)

but its wed. at 10pm, so be sure to check it out!!!!

the modern dance

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After two sessions, one more gruelling than the previous, i stepped out onto the street, breathed in some nice cold air, and felt so me!
i got them done
and i love them to bits!
all these people man!, im not used to people talking to me, usually they just sort of stay away or assume i would rather dice them into little pieces and make them into a necklace than talk to them! *i never understood people much* and there i was with all these people and they were all commenting on how nice they looked and congratulating Alicia(the girl who did them for me, you'll see her in one of the pics i'll post) on a job well done :)
im glad i did them now that my hair is quite long and stuff, i dont think short ones would look good on me at all.
did a few sections on wednesday(7thJan), that took three and a half hours
and then made a date for friday(9thJan), and that took a hefty eight or so hours (we started at about two and finished the last one at ten!!) thank god for the plentiful beer and music Mike provided! (we did them in his room at his house :) poor thing had hair all over the place! heehee!)
the ones on the top look pretty bad to me, so i keep them under a scarf thing..i need to find out how to work on the roots and stuff to make them tighten up
what i need now is shampoo..really hope i can find some on this blasted island and not have to get it off of the internet!

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Mold + Dreads = AHHH!

Hey, my dreads are 3 weeks old tomorrow and doing really well for their age as far as I can tell. I used sea salt on my dreads when they were brand new and it was great, so I figured after my shower yesterday that they could use another dose of salt. Anyway, after maybe 5-6 sprays of the saltwater, I look at the spray bottle and there's mold growing in it!!! Little dark spots of mold had colonized my spray bottle. I FREAKED out and washed my hair a second time right away, and rinsed the hell out of it. I sprayed a bunch of the stuff from the bottle into my hand, and nothing visible was coming out in the water (no mold that I could see).

Anyway, I know that just having damp dreads for too long can cause mold to grow - so I figured spraying your head with it can't help!!! I dried my hair really really well afterward, and haven't waxed in 2 days in case there's any moisture trapped in there. Plus no wax or anything else in my hair = no mold 'food'......

Anyway, if you have experience with dreads and mold - i.e. any ideas of things I can do to keep my dreads fungus-free - I'd love to hear from you. I know you can use a bleach solution on your dreads, but that's for when your hair already has mold in it - plus I'd hate to lose my natural dark brown colour...but I'd do that if I have to. Are there any signs I should watch out for or anything? Is smell the first thing you notice if there's mold somewhere in there?
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I scanned my head again a few days ago, this is just one side of my head (they are in pigtails). The pink ones are fake and I've taken the pink ones out now, all natural :)
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