January 12th, 2004

New to the community

Hey everyone,
I just joined the community today. I've had my dreads for almost 7 months. I started out using a dread kit with wax and locking accelorator, but i've decided to stop using the wax and just keep them clean and let them do their own thing. I live a few block from the beach so they get plenty of saltwater to help them tighten.
Here is a pic of my dreads when they were about 3 month old. I'll try to get a more recent pic up soon.



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Hair dye

I died my dreads for the first time. Well, this set of dreads. They are just over a year old, made by back combing and chemical treatments.
The ends didn't like the dye and 3 washings. Some of them separated and came off but I hear that is normal when you don't cut the wispy ends off. I like the ends and am trying to keep them.

Anyway, here are a few pics

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Boo :P

Hi everyone *waves* I haven't posted a picture of my dreads yet.......mostly because I don't have pictures of them (it's a shame, I know :(  ) But I remembered that a couple of months ago, I've put my head on the scanner (just like a girl in here did, a few posts ago) because we don't have a digital camera :)

For those of you who want to see it, Collapse )

I can't remember how old they were in there, but I do know that they were less than a year :) They look much better now (except the tips :(  ) 'cus they've tightened up A LOT since then......

As soon as our scanner works again, I'll just put my head on it and show you all a recent 'scan' of my dreadies  ^__^

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Southampton Dreadoes??

howdy el dreadoed persons,
im trying to get a hold of shampoo for my dreads, and my grandparents are coming over next friday from england (they live in Southampton[Hampshire]) and i was thinking i could ask them to bring some over with them..problem is, i dont know where i could ask them to look for any. i was wondering if there were any dreadheads in the southampton area (hmm) who buy their shampoo locally..am i being too ambitious? harhar..since shipping will cost me around eight lira something cents..and i am trying to avoid it..since my cash flow isnt exactly flowing in any direction, apart from as far away from me as possible.. :/ i was hoping for dread head shampoo..since it seems to be rated pretty well..any help would be muchos appreciated..since i really want to wash my hair!! (!!)
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Hey Hey Hey

So I figured I'd post up a couple shots of my locks. I've had so many people tell me they've grown and changed so much. I guess I've never realized it since I see them everyday.
And, for some reason people find it hard to believe, but that is their natural color.

PS: Anyone going to Sound Tribe Sector Nine in Asheville, NC Thursday? I'll be there.

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(no subject)

yesterday i took out all the rubber bands from my dreads. to my suprise they are hold up quite well. alot of the tips are loose for about an inch or so up, but they arent trying to come apart or anything so it seems to be ok. i had one dread in perticuler that was giving me alot of trouble at the tip though, but i fixed it by putting a rubber bands about a third of teh way up the dread and then covering that with a bead.now its doing nicely...

colored dreads vs. natural

i'm torn.
i recently (within the past two weeks) bleached and dyed a few of my dreads with manic panic dyes. i've got some magenta (new rose) tips, a few completely magenta, a few turquoise, one green, a few lilac ones that came out weird and greyish. people really like the colors, but i'm not sure i do. they seem too gaudy for me. i'm more... low-key. today i bought black feria dye. i told my sister and mom i was dying my hair black and they got mad. that was the last response i'd expected. i didn't realize the colors were so well-liked. my mom made sure i didn't hide the dreads under a hat last weekend when presidential candidate john edwards came and gave a speech at our house party. i was really surprised she was so enthusiastic about her daughter not only having dreadlocks but having multi colored dreads.

so.. everyone likes them but me. i don't know if i should just wait and let the colors grow on me or what.

so. help me decide?

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(no subject)

I'm a lil hippy chick from London and I REALLY like dreads, it just seems kinda complicated to maintain. I know someone who does afro hair and dreads, so getting them done isn't a problem, I'm just worried about keeping them tight. And if you arse it up you have to cut it off! I've looked on various web sites and stuff but I'd appreciate any advice. What's the basic routine for keeping dreads?
Pidge xx

threading, sewing et al

Ok, I know about crocheting dreads (already had to do it to one dread where a big loop came loose), but I keep hearing people talking about 'threading' and 'sewing' their dreads. I also remember reading somewhere about some tyep of process that involved actual sewing thread being used in the dread. Where can I find info? Are any of these good ideas? Is it something you do to decorate the dread, or to knot it up, or both?
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(no subject)

Hey everyone, first post here. Just came across the community when I got bored and was screwing around. I have all of one picture of my dreads but it is really crappy quality and at night. Never mind the fact that I am turned away from the camera and my hair blends in with the background. I'll get one of my friends to take some pictures tomorrow.

Personally I used Dreadhead products. Didn't use the locking accelerator, didn't really need it. Lost the dread band awhile ago so I use mostly bandanas and elastics.

Dreads range from 9"-12" all over. I can tie all of them back and when I do my friend's decided I look like Eddy from Tekken 3, I don't know if I beleive them or not. Been thinking about dying them a very dark subtle red, but I gotta check with my job first. I had some beads but took them out because I hit myself one too many times in the eyes with them. Hairstyle before was just a big ole fro all through high school.

But yeah, tomorrow I'll post some before and after pics. I'm proud of em and I love em more then any other hairstyle, they definitely earn me some looks. Everyone else's I have seen on this community are looking great.

(no subject)

1) how do all of you deal with dandruff?

i've always had a pretty dry scalp... it was never a big problem as long as i wash my hair every day. but if i go for more than 2 days, it starts to build up. obviously, i can't wash it every day with 3-week-old [i can't believe it's been that long!!] dreads.

so does anyone have some advice? i've just been kind of dealing with it... but in all honesty... it does get pretty gross, and it itches like hell.

2) also, how important is it to blow-dry dreads after washing them?

i've never had much patience with hair styling things... hence my desire for dreads... and i do have a blow dryer, but i can't seem to make myself stand there for that long... or, does anyone have any tricks on getting them dry fast? faster? helping in any way?

thanks everyone <3
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Curiosity: what kind of shampoo does everyone use, and how well does it work? Pros/cons?

I've just been using pantene but like... I want to find something better, that's not very expensive, that I can find easily (aka, not have to order online).

And a pic; cause why not?