January 13th, 2004

dread dance

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i fell in love today at a coffee shop. a beautful man with beautiful dreads, and a beautiful smile that bummed my lighter. i was in utter awe. i should have taken his picture. i need to find him.
this has never happened to me before.
im a nutbag.

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i've had my dreads about..... 4 months now. just the other day i spent $105 on having them crocheted. and oh yes, they are MUCH tighter. i needed it. my hair happens to be a jerkass and just doesn't like to knot up :| which is nice, being i want it it knotted. ...right.

knottyboy user. and, maybe some of you do this - i dont know. i made a spray that smells of heaven. sea salt - water - rosemary and peppermint oils. just wonderful.

anyway, i happen to live in a area that has quite a lot of dreadheads. just too shy to meet anyone.

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Last Night

I was down at the local climbing wall (which has a fair population of dred heads) and some random person came up and starting talking to me about my hair. Bizarre, but kinda fun............


Hi (again)

Hi everyone, I've posted this thing before, but my picture didn't show (I blame Imagestation) So I'll just post this again :) Hopefully the link will work this time :P

Hi everyone *waves* I haven't posted a picture of my dreads yet.......mostly because I don't have pictures of them (it's a shame, I know :(  ) But I remembered that a couple of months ago, I've put my head on the scanner (just like a girl in here did, a few posts ago) because we don't have a digital camera :)

For those of you who want to see it,  Collapse )

I can't remember how old they were in there, but I do know that they were less than a year :) They look much better now (except the tips :(  ) 'cus they've tightened up A LOT since then......

As soon as our scanner works again, I'll just put my head on it and show you all a recent 'scan' of my dreadies  ^__^

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  • katinka

filzköpfe ;)

a german dread community.
similar to this one, but smaller and... in german!

(and no, it’s not another senseless ‘yay-invite-codes-are-gone’ kind of community.
it was created when codes were still needed.)

i hope you enjoy.