January 14th, 2004

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Michigan represent, biotch

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I'm being curious (as always) and I'm kinda bored so I'd like to know :

How old are your dreads ?? :D

Mine are exactely 1 year, 3 months and 5 days old :) How about yours ?

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Alright my hair smells absolutely dreadful. I have done all i know. I've poored vinegar into it twice. and i've washed it every day for two weeks and have been drying it really well and still it smells really funky and raggy. HELP!!!
jinyoung shin
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I've always loved using sea salt, but I always hated the brittle, damaged feeling yur dreads take on (even though it's exactly that autumn leaf dryness that accelerates the locking, I guess). So I came up with a better recipe. intangiblemind, this might also help with your odor problem, this stuff smells really lovely.

Locking accelerator

warm saltwater (enough sea salt to taste like ocean, not enough to completely fry your dreads)
cucumber extract
extract of green tea
extract of parsley
extract of tomato
bilberry extract
extracts of sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon
tea tree oil

Burt's Bees has all those extracts in one tiny bottle, it's called Garden Tomato Toner and it's for your face I think. I got some of it as a gift, and like everything else I get my hands on, I had to try it in my hair ;)

Everyone here has beautiful dreads. But you know that.


i finaly got an account at photobucket.com so i can start to put some more pics on here. here are a few pics of me skimboarding at the beach a few months back. i think my dreads are about 4-5 months old in the pics. i can't wait till i can go skimboarding again, the water is too freakin cold now! =(

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Ok well I scoured my computer and found some old pictures. Apparently SOMEONE in my house broke the camera usb cable so I can't upload any recent pics. The only time people get pictures of me is when I am all "dressed up", hence the suit and what not.

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