January 15th, 2004


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this is my friend Brandon, photo taken by my friend Katie. he's in a band. he just did his dreads about... a couple months ago? month and a half? i don't know, i've lost most concept of time lately. but they're pretty awesome. i took some more tonight, which i'll post whenever i have the energy and patience to sort through them and upload the ones i like.

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Let's say if i'd like to give my locks a trim. Anyone done this before? How long should i wait before giving my babies their first trim? I am afraid they might unravel after i go snipsnip!

Thanks :)
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iv noticed that a lot of people have been joining who got there dread done at a salon. which i think is cool that they havent been getting that much crap for it, for awhile there it was getting bad about people getting crap for how they dreaded their hair. anywho... i had a thought, if the salon doesnt use chemicals, then its no different then haveing your friends do it except your paying for it and its gonna look a lot better. i personaly had friends and my then girlfriend do mine. i liked that, and im very glad i didnt go to a salon, but that was just me. anywho, just a thought...
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Well. I think my hair and me are ready for dreading. What is the best start for natural dreads? (Well with a little hand from mother nature herself (me) :)) Should I do Some backcombing, rubberband them and just let them dread?
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i went out and bought sea salt because i want to try out that lock accelerator stuff.
ive got a question thouogh.

when do you spray it on? i heard after showering is good, but do you do it when your hair is wet or dry?

thanks :)

Diving in

Well, I've decided to get dreads, but I'm going to have a stylist do them for me. I don't have the time nor the patience, so I made an appointment for next Wednesday.

Since I unfortunately have a chemical on my hair, I can't get it twisted like I wanted, so I can either have it back-combed or braided. I'm opting for the braids just to see how it'll turn out.

My question is... even though I have to take one of those two routes, does that mean that I can't have it look like the twists? Or will I be able to twist my hair as the dreads get longer and I use the wax?

I swear, I feel like such an idiot for asking these questions, but hopefully you guys can help me out.

~Watchlar, the clueless... but not for long
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i just did yoga for my first time.....it was wonderful :)

ive heard people talk about the 'right way' of drying their dreads. i was wondering what exactly this way is. is it to avoid mold/yucky stuff?

i was also curious how some of the people here with hair wraps do it. i want to do one with hemp. do you just twist around a piece of hemp around your dread? :\


how do you dread the back of your hair? i am having much trouble. :C

thank yous in advance (:
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young dread qs

I know the roots are the last part to lock up, but when did the area above the root start locking up for you? Mine are 3 weeks old, and when I clockwise rub the roots, there's definitely more undreaded hair at the root than there used to be. I'm not worried, but I'm just wondering when you stop getting MORE undreaded hair down there...like when the area an inch or whatever away from the scalp starts to lock up on its own.

Also - my two frontmost dreads are being jerks. I tried backcombing the one that way pretty loose, and only made it worse. My other one had a big loop come loose (a chuck of hair attached at the tip and root but loose in the middle) and I kinda fixed it by doing what I think qualifies as crocheting - I pulled the tip through the loop, so the loop was tightened and you could see a twist in the dread. But the twisted loop has still gotten looser, and I don't know what to do, because it seems inevitable that it will detach from the tip and like 1/5 of the hair in the dread will be separate (and I have NO idea how I'd fix that then!!).

Any suggestions?
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i keep meaning to tell this fun little story, and i keep forgetting.

i'm a photo major, and this semester i'm taking my first color photo class. in the color darkroom, unlike black and white, it needs to be completely dark. well, my prof keeps a bunch of little glow-in-the-dark animals down there, so that we can see where people are and not run into each other. tuesday night was my first lab, and the octopus was at my enlarger. so i named him herb, stuck one of his legs in my front dreadlock, and walked around the rest of the night with a glow-in-the-dark octopus sticking out of my dreads. it was wonderful!

then later we found some little glow-in-the-dark rings, so i took a couple and put them around my dreads... they're still in. haha. it's fun.

and here's another picture [from open mic night last night] of my friend.

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