January 16th, 2004

dread dance

back to the primitive.

also posted in my journal...

so heres my new hair.... actually its really close to my natural color. close enough that i wont have to dye it again when it grows out...
im tired of dying my hair. ive been doing it since i was like eleven years old.

so....... im going natural with it. from here on out anyways...
orange was okay.. but i just got tired of it...

oh yeah.. funny little story, my mom went and got her hair cut and mentioned my locks to her stylist. she was like "oh shes going to regret it when she goes to take them out!"
my mom likes my locks and was like "well, its her hair. and just hair at that.. that is, if she takes them out"
she was telling me this over the phone last night. dang, my mom is the coolest.

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Cthulhu kitty

Greetings everyone..

I'm new to this community, and new to dreads. Nice to meet yous guys.

My boyfriend ducktales is in this community, and he put 6 dreads in my hair whilst visiting him in California (on January 1st to be exact). Since then, I have put much thought into possibly dreading up the rest of it when I go back to visit him late March. Not really sure yet.

Anyway, some pictures..

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hair poster

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hey! newbie ;) me = danielle! i joined this community at the advice of another (thank you fourmi) because i had asked a dread related question in another community... i was clicking around in here, and you guys seem frickin' awesome! :) i just started dreading my hair up few weeks ago... err, my hair started dreading itself and i followed. it's cool to know that theres like 90bazillion of you guys i can ask questions and stuff of now.. cool! so, thats my obligatory welcome thingy. pics forthcoming when i get em a little more tamed and am ready to do an unvieling.

on an unrelated note, is anyone going to see the screaming headless torsos in nyc at the end of the month?
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