January 20th, 2004

6 1/2 months

my friend just sent me these pics tonight so i thought i'd post them, since they are the most recent pics i have of my hair. i always look ridiculously weird in the pics she takes of me, but o-well. they were taken 3 weeks ago during a trip we took to Jefferson, TX.

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Who Knew

Blurry Dreads

Hey Everyone, my dreads are turing a month old in two days. I took some pics with my phone while not doing work at my office! They are really thin and I have read in here that dreads shrink until a certain point and then they start getting bigger, about how much bigger has everyone's gotten after the shrinking was done? I really like how thin they are, and I hope they won't get too phat. Either way I will love them as I do now!

I ordered the tightening gel at knotty boy that someone was talking about a while ago, hope it works, mine are really loose.

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so i have this tam that i made, but it never quite fit right, so i added a few rows to make the band tighter so it fit. i wore it to bed last night, and when i woke up my hair had the coolest shape...like if it was straight and i blow-dried it...but not. haha. it was kind of, plastered to my head? but in a good stylish way...i would have taken pictures but my camera needs charging. if it happens again tomorrow i'll post some pictures. it's times like these when i look at my hair and i think, "i'm never cutting my hair." but it's not that simple now, is it?! well, there's my thought of the day...american idol is on...:-|
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Hola -

Question: Is this a community specifically for people who are *starting* dreads?

I've had mine for a few years, but always look for tips. I don't use products, with the exception of shea butter. And once per month I give myself a heated olive oil hair wrap - makes them SOFT SOFT SOFT.

Also: What's everyone's motivation for having dreads? My hair just kind of DOES this, and I'm down with being natural. Jah rastafari, etc., as my family says (west indian). (grin)

Er...I hope this isn't a dreadfully long post for a newbie. But here I am!