January 21st, 2004

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Dear dread heads,

I finally dyed my hair .  Its been almost 2 years since the last time i dyed my hair. I dyed it Burgundy, of course it came out extrmeley odd, it didnt soak into my dreads all the way, and you can still see some blonde , which is ok with me, im satisfied with it.  Anywho, I need a Free image hosting site, so i can post my new dreadie pics.  Villiagephotos.com is a whore now, and they want to pay for me posting pics on a site.....tsk tsk tsk...i say, since im beautiful they should pay me for using their site to post my pics. Ha Agree?......lol...im joking, im not that conceited, it just sounded good....blah blah,,anywho, Someone Tell me where i can find a **free** (cause im poor) Image hosting site....




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Ok, did some more searching and I located a more recent picture. Still need to take some recent pictures. Please excuse the shaggy facial hair, I tend not to shave because I am horribly lazy.

I swear I will get some decent ones up sometime soon.....I think.
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Heated Olive Oil Hair Wrap

Thank you again to all - you are such a welcoming and friendly group. I truly appreciate it, and you.

A few folks asked about my heated olive oil hair wraps (a trick passed down from my elders). I don't put any chemicals in my hair, so if you're looking for natural ways to soften up your dreads, here goes!

WARNING: BE CAREFUL - it's hot oil we're talkin' 'bout here.

1. Bottle of olive oil (glass bottle, not plastic.)
2. Fill a small saucepan with water, about halfway.
3. Set saucepan on stove, set heat to medium. Put bottle in saucepan.
4. Leave on medium heat about 3-5 minutes; check temperature by pouring some oil into a spoon and dipping your finger. You want to heat it until it's warm, but not scalding.
5.Once you've reached your desired temperature, begin pouring SMALL AMOUNTS of oil into your hands, and massage gently into your hair. Continue with hair until finished, then gently massage your scalp. (I find that there is usually no need to add more oil at this point - there's plenty in your hair already.)
6.Wrap your hair in Saran Wrap, like a turban on top of your hair. Make sure your hair is completly covered. If you are feeling particularly earth-friendly, use recycled plastic bags.
7. Optional: Use a hairdryer set on low for a few minutes, with the plastic on your head. (Be careful not to melt the bags, yo.)
8. Voila!
Your hair will be softer, shinier, and your scalp will feel like a wonder all it's own. I let my hair air dry - usually takes about 2-3 hours. If you don't have that kind of drying time, wrap your hair in a soft cotton or natural cloth and go about your day. :)

This works well for non-dreads, also. :) It's cheap, easy,and heavenly.

Good luck! Those of you who try it, let me know what you think!
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Dreadlock Insights

when i'm free,
the salt rips my scalp
i hear all the bells singing "Rejoice"
yet i crawl under my bed
because by myself I am not as beautiful
as those times when doing what is right
and what is right is being out there
with my message
and my song
erupting tears of joy
and sighs of compassion
gaining insight by bringing reality to others
the Truth is when all the laughter dissipates
and you are left there all alone
surrounded by a sea of mysteries,
secrets kept in the shadows of what we call our own.
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ok question....

last night i washed my hair cuz it smelt BAD from where i ate dinner (my dreads will be one month the 26th of jan) and while wet i palm rolled them cuz that seems to work a little...but while they got drier they started to come apart!! i freaked out.,..i kept palm rolling and such...then i waxed them...but...i feel them now and under the nice outside layer theyre all loose like whoa...i dont know what to do....should i back comb again?????? help me.....^_^ thanks
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Any tips on how to get my dreads to look smashing? They will be 1 month old on jan 24, they aren't looking bad at all i just want them to get tighter and less puffy! I haven't washed them yet! I'm nevous!
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Darling Dears,

Yes,yes. My hair is so carefree. My dreading processes goes as follows: I shall do nothing to my hair. I will still wash it for I still wash my body and prefer to be clean, just no combing, no vanity. Ramble.
So my real posting aim, is to wonder does anyone else find their dreads to attract static electricity? For I have this problem and its rather annoying. Any suggestions or comments in this area please do post.
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ive had my dreads for a little less then 2 months. when they were done, it wasnt really good and tight so theyve kind of just been there with me giving them encouragement to get tight and nice. but nothing really was happening because they werent initially done tight, and i didnt really maintain them or anything special like that. then the other day this other girl with dreads at my school started working on my hair, keep in mind i hardly know her, and she made them so much tighter. she works on them each day in the class we have together. and its amazing what shes done. and its so nice to because we never really talked very much. and while she works ion them she gives me tips and we talk about them and other things. i love dreads and their ability to bring people, with like-hair and even without, together.
and i thought id share my little story with you all :)