January 25th, 2004

Update- no pics, sadly

a lot of my dreads are getting pretty solid. I havent kept track of how old they are- that makes me feel all like iM a bad mother or something.
I tried wax, it was sticky and gross- so only three of my babies were subjected to that noise. I also realized that a lot of my dreads werent doing so well because they were tiny. so some of my dreads have gotten married and are doing much better.

I keep getting this impulse to shave my haed- I used to cut my hair compulsively.
instead I decided to trim my front part- it was more than chin length- decided I could use some baby bangs- they are way way short and make me feel a little bit Bettie... for some reason.i shave the very back bottom of my hair whenever I get these urges. Having that part of my head have really short hair makes me fell clean for some reason- And short fuzzy hair makes noise when you touch it- so thats fun- and it looks bad ass when i put my hair up in pigtails.

Speaking of Clean. Fructis. Did anybody else catch the guy with dreads in the new Fructis commercial? I am almost moved to buy it.
I though that " normal" shampoo was a no no.
The commercial says it strengthens and conditions hair...... i think i could use both.....but... conditions means not knotty.....and.... but the guy had dreads in the commercial... I'm so torn.
The stuff smells amazing. so what do you guys think?
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hair washing and stuff

i haven't posted in ages.
people ask about what to use to wash fairly often, so i thought i'd throw in a recommendation of something i've discovered.
generally i use dr. bronners, but i like to switch it up sometimes.
i found this dishwashing detergent made of natural ingredients. the brand is sun&earth and i found it at pick 'n save. it's got aloe in it. i can't remember the other ingredients off the top of my head, and i don't have the bottle with me. but, i liked the results of it. it made my hair more tangle prone (my dreads are forming from me just not brushing my hair) but it didn't dry out my scalp.
i'm not sure how good it would be for others. i don't think it loosened my hair at all, but it's hard to tell cause my hair's all over the place.
so, just a thought :)
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Body Modification

As I look back over all the pics in entries Ive missed while i've been away,
I notice lots of mods.
Sort of an inventory would be fun.

What mods do you have?
Why'd you get them?

I have 0g lobes, 2 cartilage rings on my right ear- another lobe piercing on that ear, two lobe piercings on the left ear as well--- I gonna stretch the second ones up to ten. Right- and a nose stud- left side.

stretching lobes has to do with developing patience- I'm fairly impulsive- so I thought it would be appropriate. The nose ring is sort of a beauty mark thing- ya know?
I did my ears -the cartilage and what not- and a few i had to take out- I just didnt take care of them right.

so right.
Now you.
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hey dread heads, tragedy hath befallen my head this weekend!

i'm an actor and this weekend was the very last show for a play i was in all last fall. we had a six week break and i basicly did my dreads the day after our last performance then because it was for college class stuff and i didn't think it would be too big a deal since i wear a hat through the whole play. well my director freaked out and i had to un comb the top and back dreads so that they would lay and cover the rest of the few i had on the sides. what was werid though was after i combed them out i just left it alone and since friday night when i combed them out they came back together naturally because they couldn't stand to be apart any more, there's a few more than before and they're all a little thinner but honestly i think i like them more now. i'm currently debating whether to let them go au natural from this point or to help the few bits that didn't rejoin magicly with a little rubber banding and what not. anywhoo it just means my hair really wants to be dreaded, so who am i to stand in it's way?
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(no subject)

*sigh* i just came back from the national conference on organized resistance in DC..... soooooo many gorgeous dreads.

it was dread-lovers-paridise. hehe.

they had dreads in all stages, from just starting to at least 10 yrs mature..... so many beautiful, beautiful dreads.
all colours, some natural, some dyed, some on people of colour, some on white folks.
some long, some short
some with bangs, some all dreads
some with partially shaved heads.

all just so beautiful

there were probably at least 200 folks there with dreads, and thats a very very conservative guess.

anyone else go and experience the beauty?


(no subject)

so after 3 years my dreadies are gone.
if people tell you its impossible to comb them out, they're wrong.
the past 3 days i have been slowly combing mine out.
so i'm left with shoulder length hair, it's a little on the fine side, but still i didn't have to lose all my hair.
V05 deep treatment conditioner was my friend in the dread removing process, as was a huge pack of combs, and a friend.

...it's been so long since i've had to brush my hair......
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