January 26th, 2004


hey all

I have not posted photos in a long while and these ones are super shitty. Anyhow, they turned 1 year and 2 months old today.
My cats think they are play toys..
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Hello again. I've got a question about roots. Before I went to get my dreads done on Thursday, I didn't have any idea how big each section should be, so when they asked me how big I wanted the dreads to be I just sort of guessed by looking at the size of the locks of hair. I was told that my dreads will probably thicken to about twice the size they are now.

I've been reading a few dreadlock websites this evening. One of them says that each section should be at least .5" x .5" and another says at least 1" by 1". I'd like to know your expert opinions on whether or not my sections are big enough. I want to make sure to avoid breakage.

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yeah... i'm bored. so here.

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after all that crocheting i had done... my tips have like gone - ZAP! they are rounding out nice i suppose... dont know if i should be happy or not? i like my dreads scraggly. then again, round tips are interesting. who knows.
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more soap crap

so i've had some amount of soap (quite possibly dr bronners) stuck in my hair for months now. i think i've only gotten my hair wet about five times since the summer. it's fucking freezing out where i am, so i've been even more hesitant to get my hair wet because it took a day and a half to dry when it was this cold last winter. anyway, i wasn't planning on leaving the house today, so i decided to rinse my hair while i had the chance. the fatter locks all have a portion near the scalp where there's a lot of soap deeply embedded. to get it out, i have to squash a dreadlock almost flat and then scrub. i can't tell if i'm getting the soap out of just getting lather, and the scrubbing involved in getting anything out is making hairs come loose. am i better just leaving this alone? is there something i should clean the soap out with? i'm scrubbing until my hands hurt and i'm getting a lot of gunk out but there's definitely more. i also have a really hard time getting soap out because my dreads are for the most part rock-hard and incredibly dense.
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has anyone tried the knotty boy peppermint spray or aloe vera lime gel? i was curious so i ordered them. they came today and i tried them out. rather than moisturizing, my dreads feel really dry.. in the summer i sprayed with lemon juice, and when i used too much they would get this weird rough, sticky texture. right now my dreads feel like that, only much more. when the gel was drying i got a little worried because it felt sticky. i'm thinking i should rinse it out, because it doesn't feel good at all. my dreads are almost a year old, and i don't have any wax in them.
i play with the loose hair on my tips absent mindedly, and a bunch of hair just ripped off. ummm.. yeah. the stuff has overdried my dreads, which doesn't make sense because that's not the purpose of the gel or the spray. ...how bizarre.

does anyone else have any similar experiences? or.. positive experiences, perhaps?
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