January 27th, 2004

slightly off topic, but not;

a few months ago i bleached some of my dreads and dyed them purple, green and red (and left a few blonde).
it was fun for a while, but i'm getting tired of being called 'colorful' and want to go back to boring ol' dark brown.
problem 1; even though the dye was supposed to be temporary, the red doesn't seem to be going anywhere (probably because red is the strongest natural pigment and all). also, the dreads that were green are still green at the roots, and the purple ones are still pinkish.
problem 2; i combed out a few front dreads a couple of days ago because they were too short and annoying, thinking i could let 'em grow a bit and then re-dread them. one of those dreads was green and had held it's color quite well, so when i washed my hair the green spread over the whole undreaded lock of hair, leaving me with green bangs. yeah, great.
so the question is, how do i get rid of my multi-colored hair?
i'm afraid just using permanent brown dye wouldn't do the trick because it wouldn't cover up the green at the front and the red in my dreads completely. so should i bleach first and then dye, or user one of those hairdye removal kits (and then dye, probably, since orange-red isn't really my color)?
eh. sorry for being so wordy.
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ok... so i dyed back to my natural color. so its.. fake natural.. if that makes sense...

but i kinda miss the crazy orangeness... tho i really shouldnt dye it anymore.. i dont want to loose my hair altogether...

what do you all think?
pics of before and after color behindthe cut...
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any thoughts?
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Initial dreading was a month ago. I've gotten them wet a few times before palm rolling them.
I've only washed them twice. Mostly only at the roots. I've been using head & shoulders, which hasnt been too bad.
I just recently backcombed them maybe 4 days ago, for the first time.
I backcombed again yesterday as well.
And I put wax in for the first time yesterday.
(Wax = Fantastix Organic Bees Wax. It has petroleum, but it still has done wonders on my dreads in the last 24 hours.)
Waxing, I spread a very fine layer of wax along the length of the dread, and then backcombed, followed by palmrolling.
I havent done anything else to them.
I had rubber bands on all of them, near the base, and in the middle of some, and at the ends of others. I took all of the bands out except the ones near the roots when I waxed and backcombed.
And I must say, they look fanfuckintastic.
Very small, very defined, well formed thus far. Some of the ends are already starting to round out.

I'll get pictures up as soon as I can.
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what do you want to hear?

so, i've been waiting until my dreads were "ok" enough to post pictures.
i'm sure i wouldn't have got any slack posting fresh dread pictures, but i just felt that i wanted to wait.
my dreads were finished in november, but before that i had around 10-13 dreads that my girlfriend put in sporatically since august.
all of my dreads were done using the rip and twist method, no backcombing and no wax. i wash my hair approximately once a week, sometimes even less as i hate having to dry my hair before going outside and frozen dreads would not be good.
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