January 28th, 2004

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i stop washing my hair and dreads popped up. And it’s been awhile since I’ve had them. But on some dreads there are like an inch or two of undreaded hair close to the head what can I do to fix this?


i found this community a few days ago, but i just joined up today. i really like looking at the pictures that everyone posts here. it's interesting to see all the different looking dreads in all their different stages of dreadiness. my hair started to dread by accident mostly due to laziness on my part. i stopped brushing it around the beginning of may i think and when i saw that it was forming dreads by itself i decided to just let it do its thing. my dreads are pretty lumpy and there is a lot more loose hair than you get when they are made using backcombing and all those other methods, but i like the natural look of them. i've never used wax on them and i rinse them with water about once a week. so far that's working just fine for me :) anyway, here are a few pics...

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