January 29th, 2004

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Right, second attempt. I made an account on the photobucket thingy as some of you told me to, and I REALLY hope that the pics will work this time...

Those picture hosts thingies must really hate me :(



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would the temprature of the water have anything to do with how well salt water can help tighten up dreads? see this weekend im going to panama city beach flordia, but its gonna be freezing cold. but its the beach, and i figure i should take my dreads for a swim, since they havent been since september. *not looking forward to the cold water*

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okay, yea hi, new here, just to let ya all know.

Questions to be answered before i get my hair done(websites that i went to were help but didn't answer much)
1. Are you able to wash the dreads?
2. Is it true that you can't wash your hair after 3 weeks? (heard that from a friend)
3. With dreads, is it easier to get lice?

I might have more later...but for now anyone who can answer these questions, you are my hero.
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hi ....again

yea, the mum just told me that i could get my dreads....but i have another question....

how much would it be if i got in done professionally?

my friends aunt said that she would do it for 100$ but she might not be able to do it for the next month or so....i don't want to wait that long....
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