February 1st, 2004


it is better to revolt:

it's only been a week and 1/2 with them in.
they're not ace...yet.
but they will be.
i've started a treasure hunt in my hair by
putting wooden beads on my dreads and sewing in a couple buttons, a small amethyst stone, and a bronze piece of metal in the shape of an angel.
and you cannot see any of them in this pic.
but imagine!
any creative ideas on what else to put in there?

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so next weekend im going to bleach out my dreads, i havent dyed my hair in over a year, not since before i had dreads.

As i recall, however, you should never bleach your hair on the day you wash it, because you need "scalp oils" all built up to keep you from getting chemical burns on your scalp.
I was my hair about once a week, and it takes two days to dry.
Bleach must be put on dry hair.

SOOOOO, how do you handle the washing-prior-to-bleaching?

is it okay if i bleach out my hair a week after washign it? or will my roots be too oily to really absorb the bleach? should i was my hair just like three days before? the day of?

or what?

b/c since I never wash my hair, it produces the oils so much slower than the average home-bleach-kit user who washes their hair every day.


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I took them out after a day because I think they'd look better half this size. And natural dreads that form over time are awfully beautiful. There are so many choices! In this picture, I only have a few done in the front because I can't reach the back of me head :)

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Me and my sister went to The Marleys Today

I've gone to The Marley's frequently but today was a definite treat because i got to meet Bob Marley's mother. 

Here are some pics.

My Sister

Me and Baga (his dreads are longer than his knee's

dread timeline

i've been working on my dreads since february 16th last year. i restarted a good portion of them by twist and rip in the autumn (all of which matted and smoothed out a LOT faster than those made by backcombing). so i guess i can't say they're all a year old.. varying ages.. i'm either stoned or looking pretty haggard in most of these, so keep in mind the emphasis is on the dreads, not me.

i think this illustrates the shortening period pretty well.. the first photo was taken the night i backcombed them, and they got really short before they started growing out.

i've also got a question about dread loops, because i've got a lot of them. all of them formed when i washed my dreads a few weeks ago, and they won't go away.

i know hemp wraps and beads are supposed to help them go away, but mine are pretty hardcore, and they appeared in huge numbers.. most of my dreads in the back have atleast one. some form kinks in the dread that look really weird. any suggestions on how to deal with them?
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Is there anything I should know about hairdye + dreads before I take the plunge?

I haven't been a blonde since I started locking my hair and I've decided blond hair just suits me better than the current brown. I want to use the hairdye I used to-- you know, the boxes with the deceptive, pretty models on them (because, as you find out later, the color doesn't make you as beautiful as her)-- and theoretically there shouldn't be a problem.

What I'm asking is, is there anything I need to do differently when I'm dyeing a dread? My best friend, who lives in Austria (so she can't help me with this), told me you have to "squeeze" the dye into the dread.

Also, do you think I could really fuck up and destroy my lovely crazy spidery head of dreads?
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