February 5th, 2004

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hello friends.

how are you all? just a few things.

i got my bead from the bead exchange about a week ago from robotparade, it is the coolest fucking thing ever, EVER! i love it, and thank you muchly. i will take pictures, as soon as my computer decides it wants to recognize that i have digital camera again. yes my computer is an obsolete piece of poo.

now despite al the wordness thats been goin on about dying dreads. it is true that most dyes have conditioners...but they;re seperate, no? so i just dont condition..and my dreads feel thicker, it smells like dye (which isnt so bad after you get use to it), instead of head juice

now ive had my dreads for almost a year, and i dont see any major fattening up..is there a way i can encourage this?

also, is there a "right" way to palm roll, because it doesnt seem to be working for me.

much love
e to the m-i-l-y!
zack de la rocha

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so i dont have dreads, but ive been lurking in this community i guess. im going to see my dad next week and must convince him to let me dread my hair.

anyways there is one person in my entire school with dreads. one person. he's from the czech republic. i had to touch his hair. it was calling out to me everyday and torturing me. 'touch me' it said. how could i argue? so on friday i saw him on the stairs going to my class and was all 'can i touch your hair?'(like an idiot) and he said okay (and we were holding people up in the stairs but oh well for them because i was set on touching his hair). his dreads were incredibly soft. i must of gasped they were so nice. so i told him i loved them and went on my way.

i wonder how many people thought i was crazy at that moment, because my friend that i was with at the time sure did and she knew i was going to do it.

mmmmmm czech dreads....
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Rock It Pink

most adorable icons in this community

I have noticed that in this community we havea lot of really adorable icons. I am not talkign about icons that are mearly cute, but thougholy adorable. I will list a few of the ones I personaly find adorable. this is not intended to be a definative list of adorable icons oin this community.
I think that the GUDU community really is amazing when it comes to adorable icons. We are the best of the best.
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Hey everyone, I have a question :

I've seen some people in here that have bangs with their dreads. I've always thought that a combo of those two looks amazing. Now, I was wondering : I'd really love to have bangs too (to the side or so) but I don't quite know if I can pull it off....

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I have lots of loose hairs, but you can't see them in that pic. I was thinking of  pulling them to the side of where I want my bangs to go and pull some hairs out of my two front dreads 'coz the loose hairs aren't quite enough :S

Could you please comment on this post 'coz I don't want to ruin my dreads for nothing......

Thankx :)

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Just wondering if anyone in this community has a beaver paddle???

ya know one dread that is all your hair. I like those. I think they're interesting. This 50 something guy in my town has one to his shoulders and he looks awesome. I once saw a guy in New Haven, CT with one down to his bum <-- that was intense.

Anyone have any pics of a beaver paddle dread??

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Dearest dread-heads,

I'm finally getting dreads after 4 years of wanting. On Saturday a bunch of my friends are coming over and doing my hair. I am excited. SO VERY excited. I purchased Knotty Boy wax from a cannabis culture shop (The Friendly Stranger on Queen st) in Toronto. My mom was wary of the bag but was fine when I told her that I only went in there for the wax (I didn't actually know they had wax, I wanted a new pipe, but was surprised when I found it).

Just thought I'd post about my giddiness. You guys are fantastic!

<3 Other
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makey outey.

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Howdy folks!

Firstly I must say that I enjoy this community immensely. Of course. Everyone's pictures are awesome and stuff, and it's great to be able to have questions answered and all that.

Sooo I have some pictures... they're on the big side, so you're warned.

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I used to be hownowbrowncow5, by the way.