February 6th, 2004

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i've been watching this special on bravo called reggae: the music of jamaica and it's really very awesome. just the social history of jamaica and the music that's come out of the slums there. it's really a good special and i reccomend you all see it. plus there's so many awesome dreads to see!

me and bob marley..birthday buddies

so tomorrow is my birthday and I want dreads, thats my gift to me. My parents are strict ethiopian muslims..who aren't really happy about dreads..they know the whole rasta scene in ethiopia..and they think thats why i am doing it. its sad really..i'm going to turn 20..and i still care what they think, but hey they are also paying my tution
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Me with pink highlights

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i cut my dreads shorter!

i cut about 2 inches off a few weeks ago, and then cut another inch or so off today. i wanted to do it in baby steps so that it wouldnt be too drastic. there's nothing worse than a drastic haircut that you dont like!! so i figured it'd be safe to do a little at a time and i'd stop when i was happy with the length.

im so happy i did it. my hair is like, 100 times lighter and it feels great. i can put them in a ponytail now without getting a headache!

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today is my birthday woot! and i got my knotty boy products today....for my birthday on my birthday...i love them ^_^ weee.....bob marley...his dat of birth as well ^_^ yea!

i saw it was someone elses bday too so

happy birthday!!
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my dreads loook so shitty when i wear them down it feels, i duno if i should just stick it out, i was wondering, is it better to wear them down instead of putting them up? i mean if you wear them down for long enough will they form around your head better and begin to look better down? sory if this was a confusing question

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i have had my dreads for two weeks now and i love them! (i made them myself.) i washed them once so far and after i did they tightened a lot and i noticed they curled a bit (my hair is naturally wavy) and changed in texture. will they straighten out again? what happened to you others out there? what else can i expect? i'm curious...

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dear readers,

i have had my dreads for 2 half years now. i did them naturally, and as you can see from the pics they are a mess. My roots wont stay knotted, i tried everything. even threading them only helped for a short time. My hair grows really fast so i think my roots wont stay knotted cause they dont have time to if my hair grows fast...right?  recently i tried beeswax to see if that would help. eh it helped the dreads a bit, but not my roots, and i also used sea salt, helped my dreads alot, but not my roots.  Im starting to hate my dreads, i think they look horrible. if you want to leave any tips or comments (dont have to be positive comments, cause i know they are uckie) then its more then welcome. I could use all the help i can get. ok thanks.




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I dont know how to put pics behind a cut, cause for some reason it wont work for me, so here are some links of more of my dreads. thanks.



(you can see my lil baby in the background, say hi to blake)


workin out


Holes, holes, everywhere holes!
My dreads are randomly getting gaps in the middle of them!
it's so weird, because near the root, maybe 2 or 3 inches away, gaps just start to form! i've had les dreads for....hm. a bit over 2 months? and i've just noticed this happening lately.

make them go away *tear* i'm so sad that my dreads don't like me and want to go away :(
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tree of life

happy bday bob

tomorrow is the bob marley festival down here in miami. i'm taking photography this semester so i'm hoping to get some good shots of the people and good vibes. hopefully if i'm confident enough i'll post something when i print them.
peace & love everybody. :)