February 8th, 2004

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oh my god i just had the best at the 11th annual bob marley carribean festival here in Miami.  If anyone else went and understands my feelings even remembers things by these pictures please add a story of your time or something that a pic reminded you of.  Also i saw a mad amount of beautiful locks. Good Job everyone.  I wish it lasted longer because i was dancing the whole time and then it ended but i wanted to keep on dancing so i danced the rest of the way home.            


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saying hi

i have half a head of dreadlocks. ive had them for about 5 months and plan on dreading the rest of my head as well as my beard when they get long enough. looking to meet cool people and talk about almost anything, especially my hair. i never used wax or dreadproducts and im generally against product in hair, any hair. natural is the way to go. im working on getting some pics and will post them when i get them on my computer. my name is brendan.
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I just did sea salt in my hair yestarday and it works like a CHARM!

tip though,
put in in a vapor maker (the kind you use to water/spray plants with)
heat the water up first, before you put in the salt, this way the salt absorbes better into the water, also, stir if you can. (about three feeding spoons to a litre)

then spray into your hair with vigor, fluff your hands through your dreads a bit, to make sure the salt water gets EVERYWHERE, then wait for it to dry a bit.

now, palmroll, or counter-clockwise-rub to your hearts delight. whatever you fancy.

and the next morning, nice and tight dreadies.

i love seasalt now, after one try, it REALLY works!
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you know what problem i have. since i only wash my dreads once a week, i tend to try not and get them wet till then. in which case it turns into me only showering like once a week. and like before i know it i havent bathed in a week, and im liek dang, i guess i really am a dirty hippie....
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is/does anyone else

SO sick of people asking "how did you do that to your hair?"/

have nightmares about "losing" your dreads, or having your dreads come out or having your hair go back to the way it was before?
i have them all the time and they're distressing.
i wonder what it means...