February 9th, 2004


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i wave good-bye to this community with a smile on my face & a warm ball of sunshine in my heart.. yesterday after 8 months of growth i cut my dreads off, i feel it was just something that i needed to do.. the act of having + keeping my dreads was a test of ultimate patience, and for this i am truly thankful.. one of the main reasons i grew my hair into dread-dom, was that i was sick of people thinking i was a boy coz of the short haircuts that i like to sport.. in my opinion dreads have taught me the strength to not care what the general public thinks of something such as my hair, my hair is back to being short & if they think i am a boy, then so be it!! i know that one day in the distant future, i will let my hair grow out & tangle up & it will stay this way for many a year..

much love & peace to you all,
you are truly an inspiring group
of warm-hearted & amazing people!!

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soapy locks

i use Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps: 18-in-1 Hemp Tea Tree Pure Castile Soap
it has worked wonders for keeping my normally greasy hair in nice smelling locks. has anyone else tried this soap? i used a twist and rip method with no wax for starting my hair after the bronners treatment for a week. i now have nice tight dreads but could use some advice for getting stray hairs into the dread root and also rolling the bottoms into the main dread. any natural suggestion?
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Just a minor problem I was hoping someone could help me with - I went to the beach on the weekend, and whilst playing in the waves, got dumped and rolled around in the sand quite a bit. This has resulted in me having a head full of sand. Now I've towelled it out, shook it out, picked bits out, tried rinsing in the ocean a bit, washed it as well as I could in the shower this morning.. but there's still sand! Most of it is on my scalp rather than in the dreads themselves (although there's a bit there too). Anyone have any brilliant tricks for getting rid of it? About all I can think of is soaking my head in a bath for a long period of time.. but I'm not convinced even that will work. Its also annoying to have a rain of sand come down every time I shake my head..

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now my hair is undreaded. im taking my time to get used to the idea, and im going to do it eventually.. but im not ready yet.

but, let me say (and its been said on here numerous times) that chlorine is a dreadies favorite thing ever. I work as a swim instructor and then i have another job. friday and saturday I went straight from swim instructing to my other job. I haven't washed my hair since friday morning. It's now Monday.

my hair is soo dreading on its own anrd i love it. AND last night, i was bored and was ripping twisting, now i have two baby perfect dreads. god i freaking love chlorine.
well i'll be

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how much do i have to worry about camping and being outdoorsy with dreads? i read something somewhere about sleeping out in woods and such might lead to strange bug problems, but i know a lot of outdoorsy folks have dreaded hair, as well.
i don't really know if it's worth it to have to worry about lying in beds of clover or near trees.
if anyone has any ideas or examples to answer this question with, let me know.

edit: let me add that this is directed towards these outdoorsy folks mentioned, and anyone who wants to be helpful.

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I noticed my tips and roots dreading up faster then the rest. So much so that i've had to cut off the fully dreaded tips of two locks (that were nice and firm) because it was just dangling there while the rest of the lock was just unable to dread.

anyone else experienced this?


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i got this in the mail the other day and i just loved this guy's dreads. and his eye color is gorgeous! i don't know, i just liked how they focused on his dreads, it's cool
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so, since i switched schools, the people have gone from "hey, keiffer!" "look! it's mini-keiffer!" "it's keiffer's twin!" to "hey, bob marley! jah mon!" "are you jamaican?" "how often do you get your hair redone?"
(keiffer was this kid at my other school who had dreadlocks about a year ago...then he dyed them black...no one really liked him very much, as he was an arsehole. and a stupid one at that.)
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