February 10th, 2004



tell the story of a time someone misjudged you and used your dreadlocks as a reason to discriminate against you.

heres mine: i was in a store and i was walking around with my friends, now not only do i have dreadlocks but i also dress pretty 'freakily' (oh how i loath the term) and a store manager started following us around and finally asked us to leave. we asked why and the girl told us that we were treatening to the "normal customers" and that if we didnt leave willingly she would have the rent-a-cops escort us out of the building. we left but felt kinda violated.

anybody else willing to share. i know its happened more then once.
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I've not brushed my hair for two weeks and nothing. I guess Imma have to wait a few months. When I was a kid, I brushed only the top layer of my hair all summer long hahaha...and had one huge dread underneath...so I suppose it will happen eventually :)
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Hello, hello.

As someone who's considering dreadlocks, I wanted to ask: What was your motivation for starting yours? Why did you do it?

I'm way indecisive about all of this. I've never done anything very drastic to change my hair. It's always been fairly long and flowing, so you can perhaps, understand my heasitation. But I really would like a change. Just not quite sure in what way. This is one of the appealing options that I'm exploring. ;)

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Ah, also for those of you with color to your dreadlocks, how did you do it? Did you dye your hair before or after dreading?

Also wanted to comment on what a fantastic community this is. I've had so much fun reading your posts and looking at your beautiful pictures. They are most inspirational. :)

Thanks mucho.
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5.5 weeks

so its been five and a half weeks since ive gotten my dreads, i took the bands off two and a half weeks ago, i wash every week and just play wit em allllllllllllllll the time

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I was procrastinating doodling last night and it turned out kind of nice, so I thought I would share.

It's not too bad. The dreads look pretty good, I think. Though it may be hard to tell that they are dreads.

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job trouble?

Hi, this is my first post here. I've been thinking about dreads for 4 years now, and I'm finally ready to commit. I've heard that it'll be harder for me to find a job if i have them, and I was wondering if you all have had any job experiences-good or bad-concerning your dreads.
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ooh...im going posting mad today...and this community is next...FEEL MY FLUFFY WRATH *squawk*
it was my dread's first monthual last Monday 9thFebruary2004 (ie. yesterday)
and i didnt get the chance to post anything...because i went to my newfound friends houses and had the most incredible connecting experience with both of them...*swoon*
i will never forget the day my dreads turned a month old :)
if this is the power that dreads possess...well aint i glad i stumbled upon some extremely groovy energy potentials :) :)
ok..so here's the monthual cam whoring...we all love to! :) dont we now? :):)
*excuse the trillion smiley faces scattered all over the place but im still riding the ebbing and flowing waves from last night :) *

there are nine images...if you: have low bandwidth/are still running on coals/make use of hamster power/have a solar powered power supply unit and well..it happens to be winter..or whatnot..you have been warned..

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loves you all!! this is a great community..so very friendly :)
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Hi people I'm new here!

I did have real dredds about 3 years ago but cut them all off as they pist the hell outta me. But now as my hair has grown I'm wanting them back again! I think my problem was when I first dredded them I didn't section them off or anything. Does anyone have any good dredding tips?
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hello i do no have dreads but i am very intrested in trying them my hair is a lil past my chin i wondering whats the easist fastest was to set dreads i want dreads like Edsil DOPE or WEDSDAY 13