February 11th, 2004

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Erotic, ne?

Because it bears repeating.

"...but yeah, your hair type would dread SO easily. i have really fine straight hair and mine dreads without me doing anything to it. your hair is made for dreads. you can almost hear the strands of hair yearning to join together and make sweet sweet love on your head."

-the everfabulous sexy earth goddess rock_to_a_tree
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hello i have a qustion i would prefer people that have dreads for atleast 8 months or more to reply. ok for those of you you had/have your dreads for 8 months or more about how long was the was the loose hair at the roots ?

mom is mad at me.

what can i do about these *(^#(^@#( loose hairs? my mom's complaining that it looks horrible, and there are these loose pieces that i cut a while ago because the dreads were too big...i don't know. what can i use to tighten up my hair? this is crazy, she makes it sound like i'll never get a job or a boyfriend or anything...:-X
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  • klamil

quick tip

100% aloe vera gel from an organic food place works wonders....just put a lil bit of it on your fingers and work it into each dread and roll. I noticed my dreads seemed tighter just MINUTES after i put it in.
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