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AH!! [12 Feb 2004|12:41am]
[ mood | irritated ]

for some reason tonight my head itches!!! it's itching in a bad way and this is the first time it's ever been like this, and being dumb i scratched at it so now it itches more

oh the torment!
this is the face of an unhappy camper

does anyone have advice on taking care of the itchies? any and all help is so appreciated!

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[12 Feb 2004|08:55am]
[ mood | awake ]

I Love My Dreads. :)Collapse )

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Hello all [12 Feb 2004|12:44pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Ive been contemplating dreads for 5+ years already. I think Ive worked up enough courage to do it. What are your feelings on salons? Ive done a lot of research on dreading, but im scared Ill fuck them up. HELP!

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quite a simple entry [12 Feb 2004|01:09pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

No smiles...Smiles are for people that are awake

one moreCollapse )

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[12 Feb 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | amused ]

DreadilocksCollapse )

'Nuff said.

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HELP! :) [12 Feb 2004|05:51pm]
HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!!

How do I make one dread into 2?

anyone know the methos with tieing a string and can explain it?
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[12 Feb 2004|06:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I bought some sea salt to try today. I'm excited!
Maybe I'll just draw a bath with it.

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[12 Feb 2004|07:08pm]
Hey..i'm new here, so I thought i'd introduce myself. I'm 15, white, ive had my dreads for about 8 months (i'll include some pics). I love dreads, I cant think of myself looking decent and liking how I look without my dreads. Once I found out there was a dread community i knew i had to join. Any of you are welcome to IM me thru AIM, or look at my journal, whatever. Nice to meet you all.


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[12 Feb 2004|08:47pm]

So I got my dreads on last Saturday, but we didn't have too much time so they only finished the bottom part of it. I have about 22 now, and only about 6 or 7 left (approx.) to do.

They are fantabulous.
And I'm finally happy with my hair.
Pictures may be put up soon.

For washing for the first time, I don't have special dread wax [yet], I do have anti-residue shampoo with no conditioner, but I also have plain soap. Suggestions? Choices?

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Close-Up [12 Feb 2004|09:26pm]

Ayup, 'tis my natural hair color. In the summer, it turns BRIGHT red.
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[12 Feb 2004|10:18pm]
this probably sounds insanely stupid but, since i got dreads i never play in the rain anymore. playing in the rain is like the most enjoyable thing for me, but i'm afraid of mold (ick). anyway this summer i'm moving to london where apparently it rains quite often. any other lovers of rain here? what do you do when you want to soak in the rain?
and of course some picturesCollapse )

these pictures aren't very recent, they're from 2 or more months ago :/
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'Arro [12 Feb 2004|11:21pm]
[ mood | good ]

Hello! New, and stuff. Um.. No pictures yet, because I'm lazy and crap. But soon, I promise! My dreads will be, er, *counts on fingers* OOH! 18 months old in a week or so. Bless the little shits. Love. xx

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