February 13th, 2004


who thinks that

our hair should earn us special privelages. i was thinking tonight that people with dreadlocks are incredibly rare and generally groovy people. THUS we should recieve things for free. i started a list and im hoping that people will add to it.
free cheese
discounted dread product
free school tuition
free drinks
a temple raised in our honor in every major city
maybe some statues also
groupies(male and female; for differing moods)
lots of free icecream
free rides places
flexible time for everything(ie-we arent held to the same time as the real world)
and candy lots of candy
homemade pie
please continue the list
anything goes
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dread dance

(no subject)

just messin with my camera and thought id post a pic...
i dunno. im very happy with how far my dreads have come since day one. i dont really do anything to them. this is about five months.

=) i love this community. so many awesome people. i love yous guys.
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hair poster

show me the science!

ok so... i was rubbing my head with a wool sweater yesterday, and damn it, that stuff works wonders! does anyone know how or why that works with wool and not with say, cotton? just curious, cause its reeeeeeeeally cool :)


maybe good ole' gw wouldnt be so bad if we gave him some dreadlocks.


alot ot

serious brainwashing.


im not really serious, i just think it would be funny to see the texas boy squirm.
yeah for disrupting the government. check out CrimeThinc.com
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Okay, okay

Since jame0 said he'd seen pictures of me, I may as well shove some on here. They don't really show my dreads too well, but I guess it's okay to start with. I'm gonna start threading some up soon - I'm sick of bands, and my friend's threaded ones look fab.

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If I wasn't so lazy, the faded ones would still be bright pink/green, and there would be no annoying fluff escaping. I'm lazy though, so I've been letting them be as opinionated as they like for the past ages. But yeah, 18month birthday in a week or so.
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finishing a job never started

when i started my dreads i had half my head shaved now ive let that grow out and have about four inches to work with. im really bored today and im contemplating finishing the rest of my head with the new hairs. do you guys think that four is enuf hair for a twist n rip method, or should i wait for another couple of months. i think that having skunk nug dreads (what i call shorty dreaddlocks) under my longer ones will look kinda neat.
also how hard is it to do this method by yourself. my friends helped me lasst time and she is not around right now. so what kinda difficulties am i looking at. suggestions?

ps- anybody live in or around the DC, balt area?
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does anyone have any tips for getting their roots to tighten up, i cant seem to get mine to tighten. ive been keeping rubber bands up there hoping it will some day dread. i want these to go faster! help..
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She hath more hair than wit, and more faults than hairs, and more wealth than faults.

This is tipofarrow.Changed my name..um thats it. *looks down at screen* thats a lot of room left, maybe I'll include a link to something so this entry will look longer.


^that may not be helpful for anyone, I don't know..but I like it because it has several pictures of dreaded beings.
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so, yeah. i tried making this sea salt mixture and it worked really well for the loose hairs. it didn't dry out my hair at all either...which really surprised me. but i was wondering, since aloe vera is supposed to condition or tighten or do something to your hair, is aloe vera juice good to use? or should i return that and just get a plant and stick it in the blender?
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dread dance

(no subject)

i know i just posted a pic of my dreads yesterday, but i feel so cool with them all up in this headwrap, i had to take a picture!
so, click below if you wanna see...

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