February 15th, 2004

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hello to all...
i just got dreadlocks a couple days ago at a hair salon in Berkeley...my hair was pretty long before, and it still is after the locks...i've been reading about maintenance tips online, cause the woman who did mine, pretty much just said use any shampoo that i had, and sent me out the door with some petroleum beeswax...now i'm reading that i shouldn't even use stuff w/ petroleum jelly, and i need special shampoos...yeah i shoulda researched this all before hand, oh well!
anyways...she said i could wash my hair in two days, but after reading something, i'm wondering should i wait a week?
to be honest, my dreads look something awful right now...is it too soon to start palm rolling them?
i really appreciate any and all tips anyone can give...
here is a couple of pics of my head, not very good ones since i took em myself...i'll take some better ones in the future at some point
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hi there
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does anyone know who that is in the community icon up in the corner? because her dreads are to DIE for. every day i look at them and i hope one day mine will be like that

also hope everyon had a good valentines/whatever day
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i stuck a pair of wooden chopticks (not like the kind you normally put in hair, a kind of cheap cheap eating ones from my job) in my hair the other day when my pony-o snapped (damn hair is so big) and i guess it left splinters in my dreads cause i was palm rolling today and got a splinter. what the fuck! so random. as is this post.