February 17th, 2004


Beasties gone, faith in dreads reassured.
Thanks for all your support in my time of desperate, desperate need.
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I just realised how dumb I am.
My dreads' 18 month birthday was ages ago.
They're coming up to 20 months now.
Sorry, dreadies.
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hey. :)

I have a couple questions...(my dreads are 2 1/2 months old)

1. my roots are getting pretty tight but the ends are becoming smooth and tends not to stay together. Is this normal? What can I do to help them/how long should it be until they start locking up too?
2. my tips are becoming wicked damaged...especially in the front. I see these wicked tiny little white dots where they tend to break off...I hope it's nothing gross :/ I trimed the ones that were bad...but I can actually see split ends and junk. my hair's always been really nice and I don't like that they're splitting (although it's probably a given since they are being matted together). anyways...are the tiny dots damaged hair? eek. i'm scared. :(

thanks in advance!
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so, I was in ceramics class the other day, and i was making beads for my hair, and I thought about making beads for my friends....and then I thought about making beads for other people's hair. and i suppose im just trying to say that i'm taking um.......bead requests? so if you really want some super exciting beads, i'll make 'em, 'cause I think that everyone should adorne their knotties with gorgeousness. :)
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please help my snap out of it...

i guess due to my bummed out mood lately, i've entered yet another should-i-cut-off-my-dreads phase, which began today. it sparked because i've been thinking a lot about how the way i choose to do my hair is such a big controversy in society. not only are people who wear dreads stereotypically put into the DRUG ADDICT category, but being a white girl with dreads, i go around unintentionally offending people. it just reminds me of how ...shall i say...messed up the world is. it's like just because of my stupid hair style there are multiple judgements thrown at me on a daily basis. now usually i'm not one to care about other people's judgements on me, because i'm a strong person, and i know who i am. but lately it's been becoming a burden.
i got my dreads for my own personal growth, which i guess in a weird, twisted way, can be identified as my own personal religion of sorts. the way i see it, people who have dreads have them for a special reason to them, personally. i wish everyone could see it that way, but then again, the world is complex...
i've just been disappointed in the fact that people will think negatively towards me, and throw untrue judgements on me, just because of my hair.

lalli 6 month and....

oh saloutos!
I don't know if it's  normal that since I washed myself the hair yesterday, my dreads is a little less pretty... do you have do not know tricks to better return them? What think you of my dreads? They have 6 months...!thank you !

itchy mofo ! :(

my head's been itching like hell the last few days and i dont ever get itchy... im shit scared theres bugs in it but my mum had a good look and theres none... im thinking maybe my scalp has just had enough cos i dont wash my hair or anything. so i'm thinking about gettin this tea tree shampoo from this health food shop cos it would be good for my scalp. but i dont want my dreads to come out when i wash them, i mean theyre well tight but theres still some fluffyness and i dont want them to come undone,, so what should ingredients should i look for not to have in shampoo? that didnt make sense but yeah u know what i mean ;) cos this itching well sucks!!