February 18th, 2004

dread dance

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i just realized how much my friends page is starting be overtaken by the members of get_up_dread_up.
so many friends. =)
thought id post a pic. out of boredom

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feelin the dread love?

the other night my friend had a dinner party, and one of the kids there had dreads, hes my friends best friend..and i dont really know him but he said my dreads were "weak"

now i dont care about that, cause i love my dreads, and i think theyre fuckin awesome..but just the whole thing that he was negative..cause when i see a fellow dread im like HEEYYYYY! that's so cool, blah blah blah..and this one over here call them weak, did any of you ever experience that dread hatin from another dreadie?

does anyone get what im tryin to say?
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i wanna get in on some bead givingness, and soem bead trading with you guys, anyone interested, i hardly have any beads in my hair, i like putting beads that are special in it then just doing randomly beads everywhere, ya know what i mean? well i have art at school and ceramics and i wanna make soem of you guys some beads or whatever just cmment if you wanna be part

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what kind of popular stores in the US can i find nifty beads that would actually fit around dreads and look good. my babies are so...i wouldnt say boring but they need a spruce of color. anywhere good?that i dont have to order online
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ice cream salons for 99cents

so, i went to the 99cent store today, and who should i see but MadTv's very own Debra Wilson! my mom and i were looking at the ice cream, and out of nowhere we see this black lady with blonde dreads, and my mom was giving me a funny look. i was looking at her thinking, "she looks sooo familiar..." then she was talking to this old guy who was probably trying to pick her up...haha. he said she should be on the radio...but she's already on tv! she's a really good talker. so i told my mom that it was Debra Wilson, and we eventually ran into her when we were pulling out of the parking lot, so we asked for her autograph. i told her i liked her hair, and she started telling me all about her dreads' history, and about the salon where she gets hers maintained. she's really a great person. and there's my brush with famous dreadlocks.

now excuse me...i must go cook a chicken...
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My crazy food service work is making me take my dreads out because of "sanitation reasons", personally, i think, and no offense to anyone but they just don't want a white boy with dreads. I can't quit because all the old people fork up money for a 4000 dollar scholarship. I plan on conditioning it and trying to comb it out tomorrow. Thank you all for all your help and entertainment, i still plan on being a frequent vistor here. This is going to be my last dreadlocked pic. :(

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so some cunt sir_albatross leaves this comment on my lj ::
"wash your hair you fucking harlot
it looks like a rat's nest"

and some prick on faceparty http://www.faceparty.com/member_profile.asp?member_id=1980633&member_name=drink_drankpunk
leaves me this message::
"ive wiped my arse on things that look better than ur ratted hair"

no ones ever said anything nasty except for townies cos well theyre townies.
i duno if this wanker is the same person but either way they are lame as hell
grr,,just wanted to share my anger,,

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hey kiddies...this is my first time (ever) posting pics...im not sure if there are red x's-hopefully not...i realize i went a little OR ALOT photohappy...so bear with me :)
these were taken tonight...or tomorning?
have fun :)

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Why hello there! My name is Allison and I'm from a small town above New York City. I've always been fascinated with hair - mine has always been black (naturally, dyed every other color imaginable), ultra-long, straight, thin and bang-ed.

Dreads are absolutely beaautiful. I occasionally decide to put my hair into rubber bands (42 of them to be exact) and have the urge to dread them. My only concern is having to take them out later on, for something such a job, and having to shave my head. @_@ I "pseudo-dreaded" my bangs for about two years, then realized that it was rather unflattering so I went to...well you'll see.

My ex-boyfriend Gerry has had dreads for about two years now. Someone happened to put wash-out Halloween spray in his hair and it still hasn't come out.

I'm also looking into dread-falls, as well. If I can't actually dread my hair, might as well spice it up a bit.

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