February 19th, 2004


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Anybody know what the deal is with bandanas? I've heard that you should wear one when you sleep, it supposedly speeds the knotting process. I've also heard the same with wearing beanies and hats to sleep.

How about you guys?
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a question

hey everyone, i was wondering, ive been sewing some dreads together(when they are close eough) like random loosies and such, but is this a bad idea? is it a pointless task? i mean will they lock up if they are just sewed or will they just chill there and eventually untangle and ill be stick with the loosie tini dreads again that are inside the others, i know i ask confusing questions, i apologize

also, how long does it takes dreads to grow, i knwo it depends on the person, but how long did it take for your dreads to truly grow?

and then...

despite the awful luck last time im gonna try again. this is a pic of me im trying to get more on my compy and ge them to be normal sized.
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i appreciated learning about the lj cut thingy
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Okay, my mom is just MEAN !! A couple of days ago we (my brother,me and my mom) were sitting in front of the TV, watching some crap movie. I was working on my biggest dread (I still haven't got a name for him....or is it her ?) because the tip keeps getting loose. So, I was knotting & ripping + twisting whilst I was watching the movie. All of the sudden I feel like someone's looking at me and I see my mom staring at my hair in disgust.
Here's how the talk went :

Mom : *looks in disgust* "You should stop messing up your hair like that, it's so ugly"
Me : *keeps knotting Mr. (fill in name)* "Ehm, lemme think about that....no"
Mom : *get's a bit angry* "Stop putting knots in it, it doesn't even look good anyway"
Me : "Mom ! No ! Forget it ! It's my hair, I'm the one who has to walk around with it, you don't. I don't tell you to shave your head or dye your hair pink either so.... Leave it be, it's my hair and if I want to wear it like this, you should accept it. YOU'RE not the one who gets all the comments and YOU'RE not the one who has to walk around with it"
Mom : *get's really angry now* "If you don't watch it, one day, you will wake up and see that nasty hair of yours lying on your pillow !! And you'll be left with nothing more than some short spikes !!!"
Me : "...." 0_0

This scared the hell out of me :( My mom actually THREATENED my hair !! :( These last three days I've slept with my hair tugged in my PJ's, with my back towards the wall...

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healthy hair.

hey dudes, whats crackalackin?

recently I noticed my hair is really brittle and has a tendency to break easily..I have many split ends...is there anything I can do to make my hair thicker and strong w/o conditioner? it just freaks me out a bit when I try to knot my hair..and then I don't have any hair to knot b/c its all fallen off. from pulling. and I dont even pull that hard..it worries me..mucho.

so what can I do to make my hair healthier + stronger? or should I just not worry, because I will anyway..im a worry wort like that.

much love*hugs*
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everyone will be glad to know iv bathed 3 times in 5 days. oh im doin much better this week (note go back a week or so and find my post to see what im talking about) oh yeah and mental note, wet dread sucks when your tired and wanna go to sleep...