February 22nd, 2004


a shitty day

so i dont wanna dump on this board but part of it is dready news
i was outside this morning(it was totally pretty) playing frisbee with some friends, then this girl with dreads that goes to my school walks past. ive seen her before but i thought that id be friendly and talk to her and ask her about her hair and their age and how they were born and shit. well she strait up looked into my eyes(it was more like a glare of death) and then walked past me after i said hello. i dont understand why people are so freaking friggid down here. i had my dreads in a pony tail so she knew we had something in common. ive never experienced something like that before from another dreadhead. it disturbed and upset me. im friendsly when anyone askes about my hair so y cant other people. that was all.
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even though i tried my best...i still cant find no happiness

you cant really see that well but my new icon was taken tonight...with the dreadies in it....^_^..new ljname yes, cuz i got bored (i was glumypeachfaery)...ok now for the "real" post...

i have a question? or somehting like that...

i took out my dreads 3 times...SO...this is my 4th time having them...

i had them in october..for about 2 weeks..took them out...

then in november(?) for 2 weeks..took them out...

they were a month old on jan26th...took them out a week later...

now...ive had these since feb 8th...

i regret ever taking them out in the first place...i dont(didnt) feel whole without them...i learned the HARD way...

but since i DID take them out...does that not make me a "true dread head"? ...( but then again, who is to say what a "true dreadhead" is?) i was just wondering...i go to school with 2 dreadheads and one doesnt really talk to me and the other said it pissed her off that i took them out so many times...

im sorry if this was a stupid post...i just feel a little down...i dont want to be thought less of...because it took me a little longer to find out what was right for me...


greatful for all types of comments

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help please...

i just wanted to say that i love this coomunity, i've been reading for about a month and i haven't had too much to say... but now i have a question...

help please!

i've had my dreads for five weeks now and they look great except for the roots where i crocheted them and now i'm reading everywhere (except on the site that i used for instructions to dread my own hair, of course) that you're not supposed to crochet the roots.

has anyone done this? does it really not ever dread up? can i fix it somehow? in some places i have as much as an inch and a half crocheted and i don't want it to look horrible. the rest looks great--i think, anyway--no digicam to show pics :( but i don't want to be stuck with this mess inthe middle.... help!

*thanks and much love to you all*

Rasta at heart ???

I've not posted in this community for a long while but i was listening to some music by Sizzla. I can't remember the exact song specifically and but however the lyric said something about being a rasta aka dreadhead in your heart despite not having or having dreads. So then i realised that the lyrics in this song made alot of sense since some of the members of the community had to cut their dreads out or have not gottten their dreads as yet.
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One for UK people..

Just saw an advert for a programme on Channel 4 this thursday, one of the guys has a big set of dreads :-)

- The Carrot or the Stick
Twelve young men handpicked for their lack of motivation are divided into two teams. The Carrrot team are encouraged, never punished and rewarded for doing well. The Stick team are punished severely for failure and never rewarded. So which technique will get the results?

That's all...
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hey it's CF. cassie-frank. castle something. whatever.

i was wondering how to get more dreads per square inch. i like how mine are turning out, but i was hoping for more of them.. but i dont want to make them any skinnier than they are. maybe i just dont have enough hair..

any tips appreciated. thanks