February 24th, 2004

Rock It Pink


According to rumors we don't all know how to do this.


Now that we all are informed all those silly rumors will go away.
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  • gryn

Drugs are good!

If drugs can open up the mind, what is so wrong with opening the mind?

When I try to fall asleep, I can pick an instrument, any instrument, and it will play the most beautiful music in my head.. only, I can't capture that music before I fall asleep.

If I were to smoke pot, or if I were to drop acid, or swallow mushrooms.. and if these outside forces could bring forth my deepest creativity to be exposed.. what would be wrong with that?

What are conservatives afraid of? Their own demons?

What's wrong with gay marriage? What's wrong with love? I'm not gay, but GOD DAMN, let people love, and let them have a legal document if they want it.

And let people get high if it makes them happy.

Happy isn't wrong. And giving me the ability to open my creativity isn't a bad thing.

Drug war? Let's call it what it is.. the war against progress.. The war against evolving.. the war FOR monkey mentality.

Here's handing you a banana, Ashcroft/Bush/Conservative Republicans.

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Someone posted about using Jamaica Mango and Lime products. I'm considering ordering a bunch of stuff to keep it healthy, strong, grow, smell good, and itch less. The things I'm interested in total to about 40 bucks. I don't wanna spend this money though if the stuff doesn't work or causes buildup. How many of you have actually used any of these products? If so, which ones? did they work? would you reccommend using them?

Thanks knotty kids!
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jinyoung shin
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My friend's going to bleach my dreads this weekend. I really want to be blond again, and since I dyed my hair dark (that was more than half a year ago) bleach is the only way.

I'm really anxious about this and I'm scared of harsh chemicals. Any words of caution or advice?
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for one day only, most likely, the grey album is being offered for free in an organized act of civil disobedience.

in brief, "DJ Danger Mouse created a remix of Jay-Z's the Black Album and the Beatles White Album, and called it the Grey Album. Jay-Z's record label, Roc-A-Fella, released an a capella version of his Black Album specifically to encourage remixes like this one. But despite praise from music fans and major media outlets like Rolling Stone ("an ingenious hip-hop record that sounds oddly ahead of its time") and the Boston Globe (which called it the "most creatively captivating" album of the year), EMI has sent cease and desist letters demanding that stores destroy their copies of the album and websites remove them from their site. EMI claims copyright control of the Beatles 1968 White Album."

follow the link for more info and several sites to download from...
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hey knotty friends! hope you and your dreadies are all doing good.

a week ago, i've put dreads in my friend's hair. he's got a green mohawk, and with the dreads now he looks like a plant or something, it's soo cute. i'll try to take pictures next time i see him.

i like so much putting dreads in other people's hair, everyone's hair texture is so different, it's a whole new thing everytime. & the connection you get with that person, it's just so cool to see the progress their dreads made each time you see them.

i am currently working on taking my dreads out with only my fingers. they're all between 9 and 14 months, so it's not easy, but there are some that i plan on keeping. & then this time leaving my hair to lock up by itself. :)

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love & light, xo.
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I was wondering.... I've seen a lot of pictures in here lately, and I noticed that you all have so many dreads 0_o I don't mean just a couple dozen, I'm talking HUNDREDS !! (I may have exagirated :D ) They're all so tiny and....like....everywhere !! :) I know that counting your dreads is completely pointless but lately I've been so bored that I do it almost every day, just to check my mom hasn't cut one off whilst I was sleeping :S
Anyway, I have about 24 dreads (not counting the two teensy weensy baby dreadies I made yesterday out of strings of loose hair ^__^ ) how about you ? :)
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i went on a rampage and chopped off about two inches from my dreads. i got tired of the tips being so... not dreaded. so now they are all shorter and all nubby looking. hopefully the ends will stay dreded and not get all loose the way the tips were...

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hey dudes

so I was lookingat details mag today...for school, not volunterarily (sp) and they have dreadie models now!! and hes absolutely yummy.

ive alos seen dreadies in levis commercail and in an ad for DKNY.

steppin up are we?