February 25th, 2004

Nice up

This is beautiful dreds for all I say. I'm growing my hair to get me some natty Dreads and I was wondering if any one could give me any poniters in what to do to aid me in my quest. Also i'm happy to find a group of people into dreads and Reggae music. Well thank you all for being here.

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my babies will be gone soon. :( *sob*

i'm sad, i'm taking my dreads out this week. *sob* i can't believe i just typed this. nooo. :( ok, i neglected my dreads alot during the past month and since my hair is naturally very straight and thin (and i never used wax).. well they started unlocking more and more.. damn. but it's all my fault, i don't palm roll enough. bleh..

anyways... i was living in a very big open-minded city [montreal, canada] where lotsa people have dreadies.. but two weeks ago bad things happenned [emergency moving/roomate problems] and i had to move back to my close-minded hometown and live with my dad 'til summer. people here are not tolerant at all.. they give me dirty looks and i swear, people turn their head constantly when i'm walking in the street. most people here have never seen or heard of dreadlocks and they think i'm some dirty homeless kid that's gonna steal their purse or something! that's really sad. an old lady even went to the other side of the street because i was walking behind her!!! o_O

so hmm.. i need to get a job, and jobs for students are rare here.. and my dad says that if i wanna get hired i should take my dreads out. :( booohoo. even if they look like crap right now, they mean something to me... and my ex-gf fourmi spent so much time on my head.. i feel real bad having to take 'em out! :( everytime i start un-dreading them i feel really bad and i end up leaving them there. i can't bring myself to do it. *sigh* anyways.. i'll have to do it soon.. i filled some job applications already..

i think i'll keep one dread. my favorite one that i named "zac" :)

so here before i say goodbye. pictures..

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Today in a brave move I publically shaved my head for Cutz For Cancer.
I saved one of my little dreads for posterity.
It was for a good cause, and although I don't currently have dreads, I'm still a dread head.
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i have approx 2cm of root hair that is not dreaded in each dread, some are a little longer. i was wonder how the roots actually knot up into a beautiful dread on their own. the actual science of it. also, i wonder if anyone has any tricks for speeding it up or making the root hair shorter. also for combining loose longer hairs into the dread proper. i am against wax...but that is about it. im open to suggestions.

on another note...i love getting my dreads wet. i love the feel of them turgid with water. does anyone else feel the same?

another thing: i wear a tam and it aquired this wonderful dread smell from my hair and its so neat. i just love the natural smell of dreads...and most people in general.

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so i have a question to all dreadies who actually work on their hair still after they dreaded them.

about how much time do you(this could also include friends or other people also) spend working on your dreads(ex. palm rolling, waxing, root rubbing..etc. etc.) each week on an average?
and also if you answer that how old are they? because i guess that could contribute to the time factor.

this is just out of curiousity.
thanks :)
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im a bit worried...
does any body else get dirty hands from palm rolling?
it had happened when i had wax in my dreads but i figured that was normal because wax is sticky...i dont use the wax anymore now...but urr..its happening now..and they arent dirty...i just effin washed them..

to clarify...when i say dirt i mean a little..i dont mean i get heaps of rubbish coming out of them..what is happening now is my hands have this dark stuff stuck to them which i can rub off..this sounds quite gross..harhar
dreadoes i love youuuuuuuu

from a concerned frizzy headed dreadie
much love
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My dreads are tight as fuck and almost a year old. they were made with NO products, only thing I did was stop brushing. the dreads began to define themselves and I helped sepratethem and palm roll after a few weeks.

All of thee pictures were taken by 4-5 year olds at my place of emloyment. Little people make getting pictures of our locks much easier. I should mention there are like 100 pictures that didn't come out.

this is my favorate because the kid was tellign me how to pose. The rest are candid.


This image was cropped


did you know I run a community for dreadlocked pirates?
well I do and it's called dreadpiratebar.
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