February 26th, 2004

Rock It Pink

Secret to making tight dreadlocks.

Fur and hair are the same rose with a different name. Felting is getting fur or wool to lock together. Dreadlocking is getting hair to lock together. Do you see to connection?

To encourage felting people use hot water (smetimes alternating very hot and very cold) agitation and soap. The soap of choice isn't a soap, it's a detergant.
I know we have all been told to aviod detergents at all costs. the way detergents work is by breaking oil down really small and lets water rinse them away. I actualy use Dawn once every two months. everytime I use it my dreads feel INSTANTLY tighter. you know how your clothes shirk in the wash when using detergent? Same principle. This will make the parts of your hair that are already dreaded tighter. it won;t really help you with the half inch of loose hair near your scalp. DO NOT TRY THIS WITH NEW DREADS!!!! it is of my opinion that it probably won't help.

This is not to be done frequently. I have used dawn once this year. I use it whenever my hair feels fluffy and shiny. I know of no actualy reason that you shouldn't do this frequently, but my personal feeling is that it is very powerfull and with great dreading power comes great dreading responsibility.

I use a very small amount and rince for about 5 minutes afterwards with hot water. then I rince with cold wter for as long as I can stand it. Then I wash my hair with my normal soap and rince the same way. after I use the cold water I go back to hot water and rince until I smell no more lemon. the nice thing aboiut lemon scented is that ou can smell it if it's still there.

If this doesn't sound right for you don't try it. You can't say it's a bad idea unless you have personaly tried it. If you do decide to try this ut let me know and tell bme how it went. I am the only person I know of that has used this method.
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to those of you who have cut your dreads off...how did you know it was time??

because i have this nagging feeling of wanting to cut off my dreads, but it's only been happening for less than a week...and i've had these phases before...but this one is really STRONG..

and i think i might regret it, but who knows?

i'm like torn in half, one part of me is saying, hang in there, stick with them, dreads are a labor of love, DON'T GIVE THEM UP!
but the other part is like, well maybe it's time for a change, there's nothing wrong with change, maybe i'm outgrowing my dreads and it's time to evolve into who you are now...

i'm so torn. all i know is it's time for a change.
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for mardi gras i wrapped pipe cleaners around my dreads & stuck them in crazy positions like really cute antennae.

& hi this is my first post; i just dreaded my hair maybe two weeks ago. yay.

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So I had my dreads out for maybe a month and today I made seven dreads on my head. This is what I have so far:

I'm not sure if I want to dread the rest yet. Or if I should leave my hair in the front alone or not.
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OK, it's me again *hears all of you sigh* I know, I know :) I've just got ONE question this time :) *hears you all cheer* :D Question : As all of you already know, we, dreadheads, all come to that certain point when we have to deal with........LOOPS !! 0_0 Now, I've read that you can get rid of them by sewing them into the dread or ...... well I forgot the other one :S My problem is that I've got loads of loops, especially on the body of my dreads. You'll probably say that I have to sew them back into the dreads but.....they're like really tight in those places, how am I supposed to do that now ? 0_o And I can't loosen the dread to the spots where the loops are 'coz that's like WAY up high :( Do you think whool could do the trick ? Can anyone help me ? :(

Please ? :(


ANYONE ??!!! :(

*be's a drama queen*


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long short hair

i know that naturally some ppl's hair is not the same length. yesterday my mom told me that she fines the back of my hair is longer and growing longer than the front... hmm
is that unusual or normal?? i need some advice i will post a pic soon to explain what i mean

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hey, i was just realizing today that in a few years if i want to brush my dreads out, will it be a problem that i've threaded most of my roots? i don't think i'll be able to brush that out since it's not even really knots, just pulled through holes.. i just don't want to have to shave my head later, and i'm so slow i'm just realizing this after 6 and 1/2 months of having dreads, thanks!
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Hello everyone. I am new to the community..Yay! I recently did two trial runs..basically i dreaded my hair into fat dreads for a week or so to see how I liked it, brushed them out and did the same only thinner dreads. I brushed them out today..which is very sad. I want to start them again but I want to do them the right way..sectioning them off and using wax ect. If there is ANYONE in the Philadelphia area who would be so kind as to help me please reply. :)

*I wish I were a knotty little dread girl*

Bye Bye dreadies :*(

Since about 10 this morning, I have been brushing and detangling, and doing whatever I could to get all of the knots out of my hair. I loved my little dreadies, they were like my babies, but they just weren't doing so well. They weren't started out correctly, and I never kept them up, so they have been unravling and pretty much just coming apart on their own.

Here is the last picture I had taken with my dreads.

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Hey gang, I was wondering if you all could answer a question or two for me.

Is it normal during backcombing for the dread to get a lot of hair up towards the roots? Cuz that's what happening with my hair. I'm working on a section of hair tonight, and the tops are getting fat and nice and knotted, and a good part of the dread towards the bottom are really thin and straggly. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, another question for you all.

Is there a person still in this community who does drawings of people with dreads? I would like to get in contact with you, as there is one drawing in particular that I was wondering about and I have a question for you. Well, I'll just spill it. I was wondering if you allow people to use your artwork as tattoos? There is a drawing of a woman in particular who is nude and pregnant and crouched down, holding a staff which is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and would love to put her on my body. Every time I see her, I make up these stories in my head about how she is a holy woman or something and I really want to have her with me all the time. Would something like this be acceptable? (now that I sound like a total flake? haha).
dread dance

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i would like for my dreads to be fat... real fat... but alas, they are not..

any tips on combining dreads?
only thing i can think of is to band them or something.. i dunno.

thanks for any help =)

-resident hobo dreadhead
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