March 1st, 2004


My dreads are 2 years old now so I thought I would post some pictures to share.. I started them when my hair was about 3" long.
Nice to be a member here, Im loving everyone elses pics!

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god..i hate my hair :-/ i wish it was purdy and smooth like all yours :-/ oh well..
i found some charms to excentuate my dreads..and since i belive that dreads take a form of their own and should represent the person who has them..i chose charms for what my life is. i have a guitar, bass, and drum charm, which are the instruments i can play..and some earth-wind-fire one..just cause it looked cool.

a'la pics

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hope you all like :-/
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My weekend-dreads involved

So my weekend was mad crazy

my niece came over
she is 3 yrs old cute as a button but energitic
she didn't want to go to sleep fell asleep at midnight
Natalia(niece) sleep w/me afraid of the dark
In the middle of the night she plays with the ends of my dreads *cute*


wake up 7 am -Natalia wakes me up cus its morning and its time for a bubble bath she says
shampoo hair
drive one hour to pick up my tags for my car from the dealership
came home did some more exhausting babysitting
most uttered word of the day "Do not touch that"


Wake up call 6:30am

finally gave her a bubble bathe
she told me to comb her hair just like mine
so i braided her hair crazy looking

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thought i'd share..

went out last saturday night into the city, saw this guy busking, he had the coolest dreads i'd seen in such a long time and his goatee was made up of 2 dreads reaching down to his lower chest.
Plead the FIF!

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Inspired by this post.
Let's all make fun caricatures of our dreads!
Then we can leave them as comments here so we don't flood our friends pages.

Just a bunch of dreadheads.
No reason.
Just celebrating our cool hair.

going natural

for those of you that went the natural way with your dreads (no backcombing):
what exactly did you use to wash your hair, how often did you wash it, and did you do anything specific to your hair after you washed it or any other time? i wanna try to do it this way and i understand its gonna take time. i have pretty thick hair and its mostly wavy if i dont blowdry it.. any other tips greatly appreciated.
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Wax vs. No Wax

I figured since there was so much collective knowledge here I'd post my question. What are the main differences (i'm thinking time to tighten up, problems) between backcombing the hair and then rubberbanding it, and backcombing the hair and waxing it too? I know without wax it would take longer, but how much longer, and would it correlate to cleaner, nicer, more clean dreads. If it helps my hair will be around 6 inches when i do it. Thanks for any input.
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Hi, Im the new guy. My dreads are about 3 months old I love them. I love them so much that Ive named the three that are forming the best. Their names are Ned, Fred, and Ted. Ill post some pictures as soon as my broke ass gets a camera.

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