March 2nd, 2004

clara bow

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hey everyone. out of curiosity,
1)how old are your dreads
2) have they gotten thicker or thinner with time?

do yours get lighter towards the bottom? mine gradually get blonder towards the tips, i just really noticed it like yesterday, i was psyched. sun-kissed dreads
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i just remembered this from a couple weeks ago
i forgot to post it

on the days when i don't give a F about anything i wear my dreads crazy
i just lean over let them fall then hold them up in a scrunchie...

so am sitting in the library and out of no where this girl walks about to me
she is like your hair is amazing
and the usual questions are long are you growing it?? etc..
then she was totally excited
i thought she looked kinda creepy
but she was like can i touch them
i normally let ppl touch them
and she was like awesome they are so tight blah blah

Then she told me she just started her own

*sigh* she reminded me of my dreads when they were short
i love my short hair.. but everyone says i look better with long hair
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I finished my book of stories on Sunday, and sent it to the publisher yesterday. My friends took me out to celebrate, and there were a couple of drunk posts here last night. Nothing bad. :)

And Tearose, I'm sober and I still loooooooooooove you. :)

just a note...

I am sorry to post this unrelated topic, but I have had alot of inquires regarding my raccoon. I am almost regretting posting that picture of him. MOST of the questions I recieved were normal and fun to answer, some, however, worried me.
I would like to stress that i rescued him from the side of the road and would have rehabbed him back into the wild if it was possible. But he is a little touched in the head and too imprinted onto us. It would have been murder to send him back. I am also a wildlife rehabber and have studied raccoons indepth.
I do not believe in aquiring them from breeders nor stealing them from the wild. They are after all wild animals. I do have a community dedicated to pet raccoons and it is called pet_raccoons I welcome anyone with any interest in raccoons, pets or otherwise, to join. Especially if you have any questions for me. Many people have no idea what they are getting into when they get a raccoon and are not prepared for the responsibility. Because of this they re-release raccoons themselves instead of contacting a wildlife rehab clinic for help. A tamed raccoon that apporaches a human could be mistaken for a rabid one and will be shot. ALSO 85% of all raccoons from birth are born with a worm that is deadly to all other mammals except themselves. Unless the raccoon is wormed you are at risk of contracting this worm. It is contracted from their 2 week old feces.

Again i am VERY sorry for preaching I really am, but the onsluaght of emails and questions I received was stunning. I REALLY love my raccoon but I made educating myself as much as i could a very important factor in my allowing him to share my home.

If you have a raccoon and need advice or help or want one please join my community. I am hoping to get other raccoon experts besides myself to join, but we are few and far between.


ok bleeching dreads im tring to get my dreads well i guess blone the um whut ever the color it turn when you bleech it i guess thats yellow and wayi had them blackwhich i dont want any more i all ready bleeched them 2 times and some of them turn a lil blonde and dark brown so probably im gonna be goin for round 3 this weekend whats the best way of bleeching dreads to get the best results my hair is prettytuff and can take a beating so whats the best way of goin about this? thanx
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First Person / Third Person

I know a lot of the members of this community wonder what it is like to have dread locks. this is what it looks like if you have a cool waving mao pocket watch.
My keychain camera desided it was a good idea to focus on the street. and not my hair.

If anyone wondered what it is like to be a pocket watch owned by men this is what it looks like.
I know a lot of people want to be in my pants, but, right now Chairman Mao is the only one who gets the honor.

This is what Mao sees 99% of the time

P.S. this song owns.
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i spent a good portion of my work shift reading this journal (got a lot of good tips, and saw a lot of really awesome pictures!)....then i i post!

i've had my dreads for about a year and have gotten kind of lazy the past month. i like them, but kind of wish they were more kickass. the ends are all curly, and i'm not sure how i feel about that. also my roots are growing in pretty straight. any suggestions?

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