March 4th, 2004

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Okay, it's my first time posting a picture in this community..
i dont have many, this is the only one since NYE..

i know it doesnt show the hair very well, but there will be others posted when i get them...

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happy thursday :)
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i had this horrible dream last night. small black children were running around me, making fun of my young, white girl dreadlocks as they swung their magnificent heads. they were beautiful, and had really nice dreads, of course.
i'm sure that in another four or five months i'll be much more content with my hair, but i don't feel motivated to really work on it anymore at all, and i love to watch it on its own, besides.
how long was it for everyone before they felt their dreads were becoming much smoother and losing more loose hairs?

Help a Dreadie!

As you know, I am ridiculously excited about being a Big Sister for our local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

I'm participating in "Bowl for Kids Sake" next Saturday, March 13, to raise funds for the organization: click the home page for more information.

In order to participate, I need to raise $150 in donations. All it takes is 15 people who want to donate $10! Even if I reach my goal, it can't hurt to raise money for a good cause, so donate away!

My donation page can be found here: Danielle's Donation Page

I hope I can raise enough to help. Thanks for your consideration!

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hello all my dread buddies. thanks to everyone who commented with love and/or tips on my last entry. it really made me feel welcome and warm and also fuzzy.

on a non-dread related note (well it relates to me and i have dreads but....whatever):

tonight (thursday) at midnight (eastern standard time) i have a radio show for two hours here at my school. it's only broadcast over the internet because we got kicked of FM radio. SO if anyone is up at midnight and is thinking "hmm what should i listen to?" go to and click LISTEN TO WSJR LIVE. also, you need realplayer to listen. please excuse the lameness of the site, my school kind of sucks. oh and i play i guess "indie" and underground hip-hop. uh so....yeah i'm just really excited because this is my second show so i just wanted to get the word out. THANKS!!!!!!!!!

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Most recent pictures to date

Yeah I took these for someone that hasn't seen me since I've dreaded my hair and thought I should throw them up here. I'm still guessing on I've had them for about two years. I have the worst conception of time.
Photos taken by myself with a bulky camera. Please ignore the craptastic quality.

There they are, all 64 of em. That one dread never ever stays out of my face. If you look closely you can see my pretty fresh septum piercing, I love it vast amounts.

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Again, I'll have to get someone to take some actual pictures of them so I don't look so expressionless. I just can't take pictures of myself.
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Hey all! Thanks so much for the advice in my post yesterday, it was extremely helpful. Couple more questions...Here's my hair at the moment, does this look really bad for new dreads or is this normal? I keep seeing pictures of people who have thier for a day or two and the look ALOT better than mine do. :/

Also, second question. So we put elastics at the roots and I don't see any pictures with anyone else having them there. I was just wondering if I should take them out or not. I can't really see how the roots are going to tighten up since they are being kept from knoting. I don't know if that makes any sense. I mean like since they are keeping the hair tight and straight rather than knoting.

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I don't know. :/