March 7th, 2004

Bad Nene

Okay, I was really really really bad.

One of my sisters is very protective about her hair. She gets it cut and her pink streaks redyed regularly, and she straightens it every day. She was sitting at the computer today, and I was having a muck around with her hair, doing styles and stuff (I've got to play with normal hair sometimes) when the urge struck. I put a nice fat dread in the back of her head. She didn't notice at all.

It made me giggle for a while, but 20 minutes later when I went to find her to take it out, I realised she'd gone to bed. She'll notice when she straightens her hair tomorrow morning. Shall I tell her it was me, or could I just pretend she had very animated sleep? I guess it's not as bad as if she'd cut off one of my dreads. It was just too tempting to resist!!!!

*giggles and runs away*
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Just a little question..

What do you all feel is the best way to wash newish dreadies? Say 2-4 weeks old, is it best to leave them a bit longer or do you have a special way of doing it? My mates give me mixed views, one had her dreads for 2 years and i dont think she ever washed but she was clatty, so i'm looking for a little (sensible) advice.

Cheers in advice :-)


why is it that when you palmroll, you should do it clockwise. but when doing the roots its counter-clockwise..i know it works that way, im just wondering why
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dread dance

(no subject)

my dreads feel amazing today.
i couldnt say why exactly. =] its a beautiful day

yell at me if this should be under a cut. dont wanna screw anyones pages.
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(no subject)

I'm pretty pissed my rents, actually my dad, is tell me that i look like shit becasue he hates my dreads and stuff and its really starting to get to me. I think he also thinks i look like a bum or a druggie w/e. Can someone post anything for me to take a look at that will show good origins or positive things about dreads becuase its this society that frowns apon dreads and it sux.
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So I make stuff, that's what I do hee hehe. Anways I make lots of dreadie stuff hats head wraps/warmers etc. and was wondering what the thoughts in this community are if I were to post pics when I make stuff and offer a link to my site for those interested in buying? I've just heard a lot of people asking about stuff for their dreads and it seems like they're either hard to find or are really expensive sooo I was just wondering if that would be cool cuz I don't want to be a spammer.....

I would definately take trades with much happiness :)