March 8th, 2004

It's camwhore time again!!

I got my webcam working. Celebratory photo-taking session ensued. The girl in two of them is my youngest sister Katie (not the one whose hair I dreaded [see previous post]). Right, enough chat. 39 dreadies for your viewing displeasure:

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I keep switching between really loving it.. and really (REALLY) hating it. I don't know.. (I kind of still haven't realized I've actually cut my dreads?)

(I look like a sad girl-clown.)
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can you help?

Hello. I have a question that you all have probably answered a thousand times. I looked back into some entries...but still am not sure of some things. Any help, I'd appreciate it soo much!! I really would.

First off, how long does your hair have to be to start the dreading process. I have short hair but it's probably around 3 inches or maybe 3 1/2 inches. Too short?? Im dying to get my hair dreaded finally.
Secondly, any good thoughts on how to start the dreading process? Products?? what to do with my fingers to make the dreads?? the basics basically would be very helpful. I've heard a lot of talk about elastic bands at the roots...hwo does that work??

Okay...sorry for all the newbie questions, i really do appreciate it though!!!!

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i was wondering if it is safe to use normal shampoo on dreads. my sister's herbal essences shampoo smells wicked good, and i'm tired of the head-stink of my dreads. it would be nice to smell like flowers and stuff for once.

my dreads are a year old and pretty tight. my only real worry regarding shampoo would be the possibility of dread loops or residue or greasiness? i have a knotty boy shampoo bar but it tends to leave my dreads and scalp feeling really dry and almost.. too clean? i just want some kind of perfumey stuff and a nice moisturizing shampoo to help out my scalp.

any recommendations or experiences or anything?

dreadlocks age

my dreadlocks turned eight months old yesterday. they were born/made on the 7th of July in the year 2003.
i was wondering how old people dreadlocks on this board are? are the majority over a year, or under a year? do you get more in love with the hair the longer you have it? just curious.
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Hey! I'm glad to have found this community, everyone has some rad locks.
I've had dreads for about 8 months and I am quite happy with them. I have had a bit of trouble with all the rebellious hair loops but I think they look alright. I'm not too computer savvy so i'll just post a website to see my pics (sorry, they are a bit blurry).
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as i was rearranging the furniture in my room, i found a dread, that i had pulled out last year. it was tight..heh it was under my to think..i thought there wasnt anything under there..but a tight dready. Im going to keep it. heh yeah. gross?!

I sure do miss my dreads..