March 10th, 2004

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I fixed Birgitte's dreads.. yesterday & today; and now they're all done :) ...notice the red one?.. it's one of the ones I cut offof mine.. and I attached it to one of hers :) I think it looks pretty spiffy (if I may say so myself) . Dam-de-doo-dee-dee.

ALOT of my friends have dreads.. I should get them all together and photograph them all...but.. as we all know.. that'll be one of those projects I talked about.. that I just never got around to doing. ;)



dread dance

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i dont think ive ever seen a picture of someones dreads that did justice to seeing them in real life. and ive noticed mine never look as good in pics either.

i wish we could have a big get_up_dread_up CONVENTION! lol it would be so awesome to see all of you beautiful dread heads in person. =]

much love
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Right. So yesterday we went on a schooltrip to Paris. I saw 3 dreadheads :D  (all blond btw, not that that is bad but it was a bit spooky that they were all blonde) I saw two of them at the d'Orset museum and I spotted the third one at the entrance of La Fayette :) It was kind of funny : me and my friends were standing next to a pilar while he and his friends were checking out this clochard with his pets. My friend Saartje grabbed my arm and told me that there was a boy who had dreads too. I instantly turned my head in to the direction she was pointing and made eye contact with our mystery dreadhead :) We just glanced quickly at each other and turned our heads, but I don't know what it was but we turned again and looked at each other one last time :) It was kind of funny that we were checking out the other ones' dreads by acting like two total goofballs (I'm sure I looked like a chicken; they turn their heads like that too, don't they ? =)  )
So ehm.....I guess that that was my first French dreadhead meets dreadhead experience :D

Au revoir ! :)
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Ach! n00b!

Okay, so maybe, technically I don't have dreads yet. I've been considering it for a long time, and have been doing my best to dig up as much information as I can on the whole dealio before I start, so I do it right.

I'm personally a fan of tight, smooth, smaller dreads. I've read that they're usually begun using anything from a 1 inch square of hair, to a 2 inch. But what if I wanted smaller, hypothetically? Say, a 1/2 inche square, or somesuch. Would there be any mechanics that would screw up that I don't know about by making it so small?
Or is it just that not as many people prefer it?

Thanks in advance for the answers!
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1. I think if we decide to have this "dread expo meet up thing" it should be atleast to some extent..pirate themed!!

2. Anyone else out there think Garth Algar is the sexiest pre-dread (almost dread) ever!!!!

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theres like 5 in the front.

its been about 2 weeks since i've brushed my hair and ive just been using some tea tree soap to wash it.. and look:

i was tryin to go all natural.. and its workin out so far.. but my mom is gettin pissed so i guess my friend is gonna help me backcomb tomorrow. hahah ... but :(
oh well
hopefully i can post pics of my new dreadies tomorrow!!
peace and love<3
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