March 11th, 2004

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well i finally figured out how to put intrys in here

so here you go

ive had my dreads for 1 year and about 5 mounths now and i love them to death.

the hardest thing for me haveing them was getten a job .

but desides that i cant think of any thing i dont like about them.

well im out


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Hello everyone!

Someone told me I should join this community, sooo here I am.

The story of my dreads:
Unfortunatly right now I do not have dreads =( which stinks.
I shaved my head, because it was the only way at the time to make a certain someone laugh, so anything for a friend right! but now its almost long enough again to dred about an inch past my ears right now, I Cant Wait!!!

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Hey everyone, I'm new and I got dreadlocks precicely ONE WEEK AGO today and I think they look pretty spiffy. I used all Knottyboy stuff on it and it worked really well!

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I'm considering making it into an LJ icon actually... whadda ya think???

Much love xxxx
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I don't know if this question has ever been asked but I guess I'm gonna ask it anyway :

This is actually for the people in here who have beads/paperclips/other stuff in their hair.
When you wash your hair, do you take out all the beads,.... ? Or do you leave them in ? If you do, do you sleep with them too or do you take them out ? Sorry for asking but I was wondering how you do it 0_o

Thanks in advance for commenting :)
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Me with pink highlights

sea salt

ok. i have been really skeptical about the whole sea salt thing. so i never bothered. and always thought people who raved about it were crazy.
i just thought, how could that work? that sounds so rediculous.

well. im always one to give things at least a try. so last night i figured i'd do a test.
i wet one of my fluffy dreads with water, and palmrolled it. nada.

then i wet another one of my fluffy dreads with salt water, palmrolled it, and it was like freaking magic.

so then i tried it on all these other dreads...and poof, instantly tighter!!

now im wondering, does anyone know exactly why sea salt water does this to your dreads?? im so curious as to why and how it works.