March 15th, 2004

death bunny

to dread or not to dread?

Ok.. so I'm torn...

I admit it, I'm afraid. I've had LONG hair most of my life... It's what allows me to meet people, It's how they know me.. It's why little children come up to me in the street and smile... (I love it when that happens) I'm afraid I won't be able to find a job, I need to find one in three weeks. (trader joes, ac moore, local bakery...)

Due to my IDIOCY though, I bleached it in november. Now I can't leave it down ever or it begins to form dreads on it's own. Not fun to get out 8 inches of dreaded hair in the shower with weak vegan conditioners... (I wash it once or twice a week to save time and water)

I've always wanted dreads though, rainbow dreads to be exact. The job issue's probably the biggest problem, that and me ending up not liking them. (i used to cry when my friends who have no concept of the difference between a 1 inch trim and an 8inch chop cut my hair... those days were horrific)

Now my hair is usually confined to braids or wrapped up under my hat or my frida-kahlo like hairdo under the cut... Which i love to do, but even that's getting old. My hair has been falling out in HUGE clumps lately, like.. I could make a full bird's nest in a few weeks. I figure maybe dreads will help me retain some of it? Either that or i'll just go bald.

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Attack of the Dread Loops

Have any of you noticed that wax with petroleum in it has caused your dreads to unravel? I had my dreads professionally done, and the women who did them for me used wax with petroleum. The dreads were fine in the beginning, but now I'm having serious problems. About half of them have dreads loops and little sections, sometimes in the middle of the dreads, where there are holes because of the amount of wax there. I'm not sure what to do about it, because no amount of washing my hair will get rid of the wax.

I've considered combing out the really bad ones, washing the wax out of them, and redreading them myself. Do you think that would work?

Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of dread loops?
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lovely conversation had with my boss yesterday at work:

her: uhm, danielle, whats up with your hair?
me: what do you mean?
her: you're looking rather... rastafarian
me: excuse me?
her: what is up with your hair?
me: its dreading
her: well i'm dreading how it looks. why are you doing that? are you black now?
me: it started to dread on its own and i went along with it.
her: why don't you brush it?
me: i can't
her: you can't brush it or comb it or condition it out or something?
her: well how do you get them out then?
me: you don't. and if you want to take them out eventually, you have to cut them
her: cut them completely off?
me: yeah
her: i don't know if i like how that's looking
me: they're clean. i wash them every day. they're going to hopefully look more like hers (points to dreaded coworker who happens to be black) eventually
her: how long will this alleged transformation take place?
me: i don't know
her: guess
me: a month or two? theyre going to get smoother
her: i guess i'm just going to have to moniter that then. you've been warned.
me: i don't see what the problem is, i've had them for four months.
her: have you, now. i never noticed them before. but i have now, and you've been warned.

great! sooooo... i can have dreadlocks at work, but only if i'm black? since when did that happen? stupid! my boyfriend asked me if i was going to cut them and i told him i'd rather quit. i make so much money at this job but i HATE the management. whats the DEAL! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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Woooo! ten days until my nappies turn 8 months old. and just today i was able to wrap one of my dreads around all the other ones. i've been using rubber bands unitl now, so i m super excited that i can do a nappie wrap-around! its been a sort of goal of mine ever since the first time i put them up in a pony tail! well thats it, i hope to get a few pictures up soon... later
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alright, has anyone used knottyboy wax on their dreads? i used it on mine today...and it feels like my dreads are COMING APART?! going to email the knotty folk right now...but is this normal...will they lock up better within a few days...WHAT!? oh im so


nikki rae

oh and my dreads arent BRANDY NEW...they are almost 2months and have been dreaded isnt normal for me...or my dreads rather =[
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I've only had my dreads two weeks(ish) but the ends are really thin and pointed. WHy is this and how can I thicken them out? Thanks.

Ro xxxx

PS. Thankyou to the person that posted about salt water in your dreads. I tried putting saltwater in my dreads and palm-rolling em and they look S0o0o0o0o0 good! So cheers =D
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nappy nightmares

Ok, I know it's hardly unusual to have dread dreams, but I've had two lately, and I was wondering if anyone had any similar ones.

About a week ago, I had a dream that I combed out one of my looser dreads, and that I could never get it to dread up again. It was kinda weird, but I woke up all stressed out.

Here's the weirder one though. Last night, I had one of those dreams that reality itself was a dream. (in my dream) I woke up and looked in the mirror, and my hair was undreaded. I was freaking out, saying "how is this possible? What's going on???", and then I "realized" that my whole 3 months with dreads was a dream. I even checked if I was dreaming (pinched myself, splashed cold water on myself), and I was convinced that the un-dreaded universe was real and the dreaded one had been a dream. But then I woke up into the *real* world, and realized that it *was* a dream after all. I had to pet my head a good few times to convince myself (I was all groggy and confused as hell).

Anyone have any similar experiences? Maybe I should dig up Freud and see what it all "means"....
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