March 17th, 2004



friday was my first day back at home after going to school a while my friends took me to this dude mikes party and got me drunk...the dreadful relevance of the conversation was:
i met a girl their names 'messica' and we talked about her experiences with dreads and she like molested them for a while(it feels so good) and then she told me i could have all her old knottyboy stuff and i told her to keep it and redo her own dreads...she insisted on the product and i had to complain about it...i was drunk and this turned into an argument(we are both aries which kinda explains an argument over some dread wax...stupid huh) and then we didnt talk for like the rest of the night because she was spite-ing me...when i woke up the next morning i found her next to me on a couch, she woke up, gave her number, and told me to pick up the knotty wax whenever i got a chance...

weird but not uncommon for aries...
kinda dread realated but kinda not...
just felt like sharing...
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July 2003 - March 2004

A pause for silence, please, for the passing of my KnottyBoy shower cap.

It lasted nine months before finally developing a huge split along the seam.

Farewell, my transparent and fragile friend, we shared the good times.
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I have a quick question

I have very thick curly hair its long should I have any problem with putting dreads in my hair or should I get one of those metal straighteners and make it not so curly b/c my curls make it look a lot shorter that it realy is so i was wondering what i should do thank you all who reply

I&I The Sublime Salcker thanks again for your help
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black/purple/red synth dreads

gettin'ready for dreads!

I've been wearing synthetic dread extensions for ages, and I've decided I'm ready for the real thing! But, I'm cheating a bit and going for a dread perm to expedite the process. I'm just accustomed to immediate results when I persue outrageous hairstyles (see, it's what I do ^_^). Anyhow, I've got a few questions for you experts:

  1. Synthetic dreads are tough on real hair, and with continuous wear - it tends to thin out your hair, but after a hiatus from extensions, your hair grows back to it's original fullness. I'm interested to know what you guys might recommend to expedite the regrowth process, and to overall thicken & strengthen my hair? I would prefer natural products...

  2. I'm anxious to go for the dread perm ASAP, but I'm afraid my hair might be a bit to thin... (it's not like freakishly thin, just damaged) - Can anyone with semi-thin hair + dreads tell me what it's like (maybe some pics?!)? Would it look strange? Or should I wait until my hair is healthier before taking the plunge?

  3. Finally - is there anyone here from Arizona (preferably Mesa, or the Phoenix metro area) that can recommend a salon that does dread perms? I'm having no luck with online research, and I thought I may as well ask here before calling around :)

THANK YOU in advance for any advice you can spare! I'll most definitely share photos with everyone once the deed is done :D
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Here's some pics of me dreads. Also, today while I was walking home from school, I found a little dragon fly charm type thing on the ground, and the first thing I thought was, "Hey! I can put this guy in my dreads!" so I took him home with me.

So here's a few pics of me and my dreadies, (they're about 3 months old) along with the charm.

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