March 19th, 2004

dread dance

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they smell a lot like chlorine, smoke and beer right now, but i love em dearly...

heres my hair after six months of not brushing and minimal washing... and thats pretty much it =]

i was in a picture-ish mood, so here yas go

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Plead the FIF!

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Comments from today.

A lady told me I looked like a sexy Medusa.

A teenage asked if I was a black panther.

A kid called me spaghetti head.

And my friend told me I was a weeping willow when I was reading a book.

I don't know how it's different from yesterday but people love it.

I'll post new pics soon.

<3 you knotty headed freaks.

hey wait snowing...

word to your mom/im here to drop bombs/ive got more dreads/then a palmtrees got fronds

thats a song i just made up in my weed addled brain

i reall meant to ask does anyone know of a dreadfriendly dandruff shampoo? i hate washing and when i dont my head itches and makes deadskin thats not cool
i like to not look like a fucking snow machine
any help/suggestions=great
much love to the dreaddheads
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hey kiddies. i is saruh. im in this community under my old lj name, but alas, all good things must come to an end, and i have put it to sleep and re...began i guess.
so yes...i want to post pics but i cant get them onto sites like photobucket and printroom. does anyone know of any good sites so that i could possibly post ?
much love and peace and PROTEST...TOMORROW
maybe it's only a new york city thing but there is a HUGE wait, it's nationwide. gooooo go go go :)
say no to war

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im new. story time.

i was at a womens composer festival yesterday at my school. kinda funny. lots of older ladies hanging out and stuff. anyways. i was getting up to leave and the lady behind me said.

"excuse me, is there any reason for your hair? im just curious. i thought maybe you do something different to your hair every week."
"nope. ive just always wanted dreads."
"well, how do you comb it?"
"haha, i dont, but i do wash it!"
"oh, hehe, thats good!"

aw. i love old ladies.

also. instead of using beads to hold dreads together, what household items do you use? i have 2 pen caps holding some bigger dreads together, and a button on another one. im running out of ideas. im not too keen about buying things for something like hair. unless its a must. ive tried rings too. but theyre all too big for my dreads.

i would post pictures but. i take horrible pictures. and pictures dont do my dreads justice. they dont look too good yet. ive only had them for a month now. since valentines day <3. my friend and i were bored.

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ok pictures. i forgot. my friend took some.. theyre not thaat bad. and again, ive only had dreads for a month. they look pretty bad. but thats a good thing. in this case. haha.

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i have so many stray hairs. any way to get rid of them? i keep rolling them. but they keep coming back


Yea. So I went to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg Illinois today, and I found the COOLEST stuff EVER. I found an AFRICAN DRUM, made in Egypt for 20 bucks. AND! I also found a BOB MARLEY handdrawn thingymabob for 24 bucks. I was so happy, especially cause the african drum was 40 bucks originally, but the store was closing so it was 50% off. WOOOO time.

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