March 20th, 2004


here's a shitty picture of me and my dreads...

some of them are a week old, some of them are 2 days old.
i have about 30 right now (not counting) and my friend that's helping me said i'll probably have about 40 more.. practically only the top layer of my hair is dreaded so far... i have soooooooooooooooo much hair.

anyway, i love it.. my mom hates it. i thought she was gonna have a nervous breakdown when she saw me but that's.... nothing new.. she asked me how long my hair is gonna be like this and all i said was "a really long time". i cant wait to get my septum pierced.
i work at a food place called pita pit and my coworkers and boss are awesome and they think my hair is cool... i just have to wear a hat. i cant remember the last time i washed it.. its itchy but my hair doesnt really get oily. im happpppppppy. :) &sleepy.

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dread dance

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we all know what my head looks like cuz i posted pics yesterday... SO
i have a job interview on tuesday!
yeah yeah, i know... the resident hobo is gettin ga job. lol what are ya gonna do... ya know.
so my question is.. what about my dreads? i mean, its a resteraunt job. should i kind of pretty them up for the interview? or kind of conceal, where htem in a ponytail.. maybe french braid htem..... i keep going back and forth. cant decide what to do.
im sure many of you here have experienced "the interview"..
so any help would be greatly appreciated! thank yous guys so much!

much love

oooh yeah!!
heres a super hot picture for ya =]
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crossposted to my journal

I took these photos last week when my boyfriend was having a tough day at work, because I knew they'd make him smile and/or laugh. I couldn't find the cord for the digital camera though, so I wasn't able to share them with him. Lucky for you guys, I found the cord and you get to enjoy my vanity (or not). I made them grayscale because my skin was recovering from a major breakout (as you can probably tell).

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Thank you and have a nice day.
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I have a question to all of you :)

Let's suppose you could go back to the historic day on which your dreads were born, and you were just minutes away from putting them in your hair. Would you still go through with it ? Or would you stick with your 'normal' hair ?
If so, why ?

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to answer this :)
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lil old ladies

well i know alot of you are rather enamored of nice old ladies...but heres my story
im being visited by my grandparents and my grandma asked me about my hair...when i told her that i still had my dreads she made a face but then let it drop
then i was talkiong about getting a new job at a restruant and i said "i have to find somewhere that'll hire me with my hair" and she said that i should cut them off...then i told her that cutting my hair off for a job was unreasonable and that i shouldnt have to sacrifice a part of me for a job...then my dad stept in and said that i wasnt sacrificing my hair for a job, but for financial security...
now i like my grandparents and love my dad...but that shit is ridiculous
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