March 21st, 2004

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today and yesterday i had the urge to CUT OFF MY DREADS....mmm...i had been loving them just so tired of them the last few days...i cant stand it...i found pictures of me when my hair was past my was lovely....and i have taken my dreads out...3 time before i think...but this time i was just gunna CUT THEM OFF (?)!!....i dont feel happy with them...i dont know makes me very sad...i dont know wheather to "learn to love them"...or say goodbye once again....i dont understand me por favor

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oops one more thing (and it wont let me edit *pout*)

this hair is REALLY DAMAGED...REALLY REALLY DAMAGED....cuz ive done ALOT of twisting and ripping ... and ive cut alot of them in if i were to take them out it'd be scary....

Greasy / Waxy / Sticky?

Hello again - I'm still mentally prepping myself for dreads, and I've been having discussions w/ my sweetie about the issue. He's concerned that my hair will be constantly waxy, sticky or greasy... and I really don't have much of an argument because I've never had real dreads! I have to agree with him on the hygene issue... I'm a very clean person, and I'm hoping that some of your testimonials will help alleviate my concerns!

My hair is long and straight (plus I'm impatient), so I'm getting a dread perm, so keep in mind that I'm not starting from scratch. I'd like to know what I will need to do to maintain my dreads, will I need to wax them regularly? Is there any way to keep them clean and soft, without gobbing them up with oily or waxy products? Any advice is appreciated!!

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hey everyone, I just joined this community. I've had dreads for a couple months now. I've got some beads and one red straw in them. I dont know how to post pictures, but I would be happy to send some pictures to someone via email or aim if they're interested in seeing them. I'm just curious, what kind of funky objects do all you people have in your hair? I've tried putting in pieces of coral, pinecones, and other random natural objects. I was able to put a seed for pine tree inside one of my dreads, it's still there, I adore it. Hopefully it'll start growing? but I dont know if that's possible. It would be beautiful to have a little tree growing out of my dread. Also, what do your dreadlocks mean to you? Mine are an attempt to reconnect with tribalism I guess. yum. anyway, i'm happy I found this community.
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ok well i am going to take thme just listen...graduated modeling school as did my mother...and i need a job really bad....i need to be able to start my future off as soon as possible....and i need to prep myself....and this will maybe take a .... i will miss them...and i will most likely have them again later in life...but i cant right just wont happen...but i love you guys and will still comment...and i hope all is well

another thing...i the kohl's thing in the sunday paper..*today*...there is a boy model with was cool ^_^...alright...

thanks for everything you guys...

mucho loving
Nikki Rae
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I got a haircut today.I was telling the stylist that I wanted to dread my hair this summer,she explained to me that her hair was a wig piece and underneath it was dreads.We continued talking about dreads and the difference between going "natural" or going to a salon".It was a nice experience.It was sad because she said the yuppie salon didn't like her dreads:(

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It really pisses me off how so many people think dreadlocks are supposed to look a certain way.

My boyfriend's friend got his dreads "done" only a few weeks ago and my boyfriend made sure to tell me that his look so much better than mine because they were done "properly". Apparently all his friends think that mine were done WRONG or something and could look a lot better if done properly. God this fucking drives me nuts. I kept trying to tell him the methods used for his friend's dreads and mine were probably the EXACT same and that I've never seen dreads all the same length, tightness, no lumps, smooth, no loose hair, no frizz... but apparently his friend's are just fucking perfect, and he doesn't even have to use wax. So irritating.. like mine aren't good enough? Why do people think dreads have to be perfect? Mine are almost a year old, and I'm still hearing people say things like "oh, you're trying to grow dreads?".. no, I AM growing them. It isn't like they don't LOOK like dreads, but because I have loose hair and frizz and lumps and different lengths and some are skinny and some are fat.. oh, it must be a failed attempt! ugh.

anyway, I got really offended and took his comments really personally and he didn't understand why. blah. I'm so sick of shit like this, it makes me want to just cut them off. I'm just looking forward to when his friend's dreads start growing all weird like mine did after a few months.

in other news, I folded my tips up into each dread and wrapped little elastic bands around them. I hope it helps round the tips off!
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what do you think would happen to my dreads if i wrapped them really tight with like..cling-wrap stuff. i was bored and thought of that. comment on what you think would happen cause i wana try..and if it does bad stuff i dont wana try.

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so, the other day i was washing my hands after a toilet visit (i like to include details) and i look at myself in the mirror (oh, the vanity) only to go "WTF!? i have dandruff?!" i look closer, but no, whatever it is, it's stuck to the hairs "eeeeeek!! i have LICE!?". i think about it for half a second and realize that's just being silly as i'm not itching (for the first time since i got these suckers, two years ago! wee!). i look closer, and it's hair-roots! like.. when strains of hair fall off (which they usually do), they get tangled up in the dread (obviously) and the root of the hair stick out of the damn dread! everywhere! you can't see in the picture (obviously), but damn. some dreads look worse than others, making it look like i have some severe dandruff problems. k, so i doubt it's anything people actually see it unless they actually look for it or stand unpleasantly close to me, at least not if they're kinda near-sighted, but still. it's there. i see it. it's annoying! and now i'm wondering why i'm even writing this. i guess i felt some text w/ the pictures would be nice for once. i might have been terribly wrong, in which case you should really excuse me. i blame coffein. oh wait.. i don't drink coffee.. i think it might be past my bedtime.
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Some people have been commenting that my hair is looking rather dry lately...
Does anyone know what i can do to sort of moisturise them in some way without going against all the things you're not meant to do to your dreadoes (like slap conditioner on them)
thankyou muchly in advancesnesses
muchas grazias