March 22nd, 2004

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i headbanged w/my dreads for the first time on saturday.
it feels SO GOOD@!
i think you all should try it. let them loose and swinnnng!

just thought i'd share ;)
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Ehm...I don't know if this has anything to do with this community but I thought I'd post it anyway :)
Has anyone in here ever seen that video of Soulfly - Seek 'n Strike ? Lately I've been addicted to it 'coz
1. it's a friggin' good song ^-^
2. it has these dreadheads in it that are dancing in the desert (which looks so cool) I just feel like joining them and dance my ass off :) The video also has this tribal feeling about's like that feeling you get when you meet another dreadhead :) It's just all so...tribal and dreadfriendly ^-^
Oh and at the end you see the dancing people from before standing together, bobbing their heads to the beats of the drums...which gives me that awesome tribal feeling again ^-^

I thought I'd share :) Sorry if I wasted anyone's time with this ^-^
You may kick me now :P
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wrappppppped up!

and tell me, how do i get a shell in my dreads?
and don't tell me to use glue or toothpaste or any other stickyicky stuff
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Newbie Question.

Hi there, I just joined the community and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips, or if they know of a website that can tell me how to start dreads from scratch? Like, not washing your hair type thing...?
Er, also, my hair is pretty fine and straight. I'm sure that makes some sort of difference.


(no subject)

i got my dreads done once again, 3rd time lucky, last saturday evening, by the lovelly carousel their looking really good, boofy still, there are heaps of dreads as appose to the last time i had dreads. anyways i shall have a picture up sometime this week or late next week. as ive been told i'll be getting a digi cam for a belated birthday present..(23rd march)..woo. anyways thought i'd share.
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